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  1. I have been getting fraxel re:store treatments for about 2 years. I've had 7+ sessions, sometimes spaced two weeks apart and some for a couple of months. The first threatments were calibrated at 50-70 mj and the few last were weaker. My scars are, at most, 5 years old. Most came from about 3 years ago when I started having moderate to severe cystic acne (even with a couple, awful, big nodules). I saw about 30% improvement 3 to 5 months after the first sessions, and now I would say 85-95%. It w
  2. hi!!! happened to me ((((((( i made the stupid choice of yasmin and my boobs went from an already going-to-d c to a full d!!!!! in just a week, and that was painful. wtf i also lost like 1.5 pounds that week. i regret it so much... but yeah they grow ur boobs and gain weight, and now i gotta lose weight to get rid of some boobies ((( you still gonna take them? let me know how it goes
  3. hi sheefa, i havent gone on accutane, and while it may have helped or even the main cause of your depression, you have to find a way to deal through it. as i said, i never went on accutane, but i was severely depressed and had a lot of stress and invasive thoughts surrounding me. i know its different to hear it from somebody else, and i know how frustrating it is for people to tell you to attend it, and to get over it, because for me, it was a very hard to do, and many people dont realize it is
  4. hi, i agree with the comments that it affects people differently, just obviously be intuitive and pay attention of discomfort or negative side effects
  5. hello, i dont know if accutane was the reason for the developing of anxiety, but maybe it did act as a trigger, or in assessing the stress you may already have to deal with. i have never taken accutane, but i did have stress and depression problems. if you have panic attacks you may have depression as well. recently i had the same problem with anxiety, at first not knowing what it was, and then got worse as i worried more about it. i as well went to a cardiologist, discarding heart disease. it
  6. hey there, i am having fraxel restore and taking vitamin c, about 1-2 grams a dary for the past couple of days have also boosted the appearance of my scars a LOT. i have mild scarring and some deeper, but small scars also. i dont know what happens when you quit it for a while and then the scars look less plump (happened to me) but i believe it should be permanent after a several months
  7. i too hope many dangerous drugs are taken off the market. why the hell are doctors still promoting this alternatives? it has been taken too far. anyway, please do consider threating the side effects, even if caused by this drug, i believe the human body is always in a struggle to "help us help itself", so there may be a lot of factors, such as meditation, nutrition, etc that can help your recovery, it is worth for having a full life, even when things have gotten bad for a while. hang in there. b
  8. hi!!! you are really cute :):):)

  9. hi, i never had nightmares about acne, but seriously, the DARKEST nightmares i had ever had (excluding those where my parents got hurt) were about MATH and STATISTICS. it was HORRIBLE, numbers and equations were literally EVIL and had feelings and intentions, and id wake up from suffocating and feeling intense chest pain from stress, damn lol, its weird to look back at it. i would dream for a few minutes about solving an equation, which is weird, but once i actually found the solution. i only go
  10. matt, i think you need to attend your lack of empathy and try to be more sensitive towards a person who is brave and noble enough to speak up about this issue to warn and help others from going through it. moving on... moreGano, thank you for sharing your experience. i have decided i will not go on accutane, agree health should not be traded off by acne. for a short time, i took contraceptive pills, and i started developing horrible speech problems, saying one word when actually meaning ano
  11. i guess the idea is to share your feelings towards acne with another person: if you are forgiving about your condition, you identify with another sufferer, but if its harder to cope with it, you dont wanna be in contact with situations that remind you of it. anyway, i think suzy has a point in being frustrated, since most people would feel like shit if they knew that they are judged by their acne, i know everybody would feel disregarded as a less human if they knew their feelings arent being tak
  12. jjp007 and trace d, thanks for sharing. trace, im glad to hear about your good results with the profactional laser, is $500 the regular price for the procedure? my impression is that it was more expensive, thanks for the info. jjp, let me know about your results after the procedure, i hope it all goes ok.
  13. hi I just wanted to stop by and say you are really cute :)