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  1. i'm on week 2 of this regimen (well sort of, washing face with water once a day in the morning shower) and it was going really well the first week, my skin tone got better and i had no breakouts. starting on the 10th day or something all of a sudden i started breaking out like crazy on the chin and forehead... the weird thing is i never got more then 1-2 zits on my forehead and all of a sudden its breaking out. my chin kind of exploded all of a sudden and i got maybe 4 big zits and a few little
  2. Hmm... I'm on day 4 or 5 of this so far, washing my face once with water every other day. I got a few zits here and there but nothing serious, and they have been healing as fast if not faster then when I used to use products. Right now my chin seems to be purging sebum or something... It looks pretty nasty since almost every pore on my chin is secreting it (its solid) any advice about what to do about it? I plan on just leaving it alone but I'm not sure how long it will take it to naturally come
  3. Currently I am trying out the water only/no washing method (usually wash my face once every 2 days when I wash my hair) and I want to exfoliate once a week to get rid of dead skin/speed up the healing of red marks. I'm wondering whether I should exfoliate with baking soda or the toothbrush method. If I use the toothbrush method I will very gently wash my face with it with lukewarm water, which is chemical free. The baking soda will chemically help me get rid of the flakes and aid sloughing off t
  4. i don't think it would be much different then B.P. because what it does is use oxygen to 'suffocate' the bacteria as well. you should try both to see which one is better, or maybe even alternate between the two every day/week so the bacteria doesn't have the time to get a way around it... however, if it does turn your skin blue i'd just avoid it..
  5. i have a few comedones and white heads on my chin and i recently started using the toothbrush method. every few days i spot treat my red marks and whiteheads with aspirin mask and after 10 minutes of it drying i use the toothbrush method. aside from that i use the toothbrush method everyday. now i'm starting to get breakouts in the areas where i have the whiteheads/comedones on my chin so i was wondering if this is normal... if i keep doing it will i stop breaking out and eventually all those wh
  6. i'm interested in this since my main problem now is having bumps on my chin and a few blackheads here and there. i don't really have many breakouts anymore. this thing seems really expensive though... about $30-45 for 1oz. how long does 1oz last exactly?
  7. on my chin it seems like almost every pore is a tiny blackhead in a sense that if i push on it with my tongue (from inside the mouth to stretch the skin) and it seems like the dried stuff comes out of the pores.. its not really noticeable but i'm just wondering what it is and how to get rid of it. sometimes i just do the stretching thing and wipe it off with a towel or something... and then my skin feels smooth and looks better but then it usually comes back within a week again or something.
  8. they are used to remove excess oil from your skin, and when i use it i pretty much dissolve through all of it with my excess oil, but it gets it out. i was wondering if it's a good idea to use it twice a day (at noon and afternoon) instead of washing my face since i was told washing your face more then twice a day is bad... the questions is whether this does anything. does removing the excess oil from the skin help relieve acne, or will it just result in producing more oil to make up for the los
  9. i can use this regimen consistently for 5 days a week, and then only be able to wash my face day/night on the other 2 days, should i not use this regimen then?
  10. first of all, let me describe my acne... i mainly have acne on my nose and chin/jawline area. my nose consists mainly of blackheads and a pustule here and there every once in a while. my chin/jawline are probably the worst, they seem to contain somewhat of a mix of whiteheads, blackheads, papules, and pustules. I probably get around 1 pustule/papule every day or two but it usually goes away by itself within 24 hours... on bad days I get up to 3-5 pustule/papules on my face (some are small, some
  11. eh they just give you some 'evaluation test' and then give you the typical regimen products, bp wash, salicylic pad or something like that, and some sort of bp cream/gel for your face. nothing special in my opinion, if you really are interested in it you can probably do the evaluation test and then buy the products in any drugstore because they are all 2-5% max of bp/salicylic.
  12. i am currently using this 'all in 1' product called acnetix, i paid $40 and its supposed to last me for 4 months. i have also bought their pore minimizer which is supposed to help me get rid of blackheads. many people say this is a fraud, but at the same time many trustable sites give them positive reviews because the ingredients they use prove to be effective in fighting acne. these are their list of ingredients: acnetix.com/ingredients.html and they say its a good alternative for b.p. which re