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  1. Purest mineral makeup I have seen is Sheer Miracle. Read the ingredients listing. They are cheap too. www.sheermiracle.com
  2. Unless you are female and use makeup you should only be washing your face once a day in the evening before bed and then applying a 24 hour moisturizer that contains essential fatty acids. This is whether you are using accutane or not. For years I was washing twice a day and using over the counter cleansing pads etc. This did so much damage to my skin and made things much worse. The more simple the skin care program the better. It is actually good for your skin to allow the natural oils to coat t
  3. You are joking right? Some info on medication and alcohol interaction:
  4. If you need to rely that much on these substances, or you feel that you can't go a couple of months without polluting yourself then you are most likely not a good candidate for Accutane treatment. I would just continue to party and getting bent on a daily basis, and not worry about the acne. If the acne is really that bothersome then I would try and draw upon your will power to stay off all drugs, illegal, prescription, alcohol, cigarettes while you are taking the Accutane. Another thing you cou
  5. I accidentally deleted all emails from you and I do not know your username here to private message you. Email me right away with the details I need. - Chris * Sorry if this is off topic for the board but it is important
  6. Cheapest, and best place is www.mastersmarketing.com/home.htm go to products and select 'i' as it is listed as isotretinoin not Accutane. I will answer the questions now so that it is not necessary to post any questions. 1. You do not need a prescription to order from them. 2. They are a reputable company that has been around for many years and have never had any negative reports. I have ordered many times to Canada with no problem. 3. I can only speak for Canada and can say that customs has ne