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  1. I've used plexion cleanser for almost 4 years and I love it. I am on my second course of Accutane right now and it still gentle enough to use on my dry skin. Derms do not prescribe plexion products nearly enough. It especially helps with those whitehead and papule type pimples and redness too.
  2. I had this rash really bad a few days ago. Even the Topicort that the derm gave didn't work. The other day I tried some Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion that my mom had. This stuff really worked miracles on the rash. And it didn;t burn like other lotions when I put it on. I am not kidding, I cannot recommend this stuff enough. it's awesome!
  3. don't worry too much about it, just be careful. during my first round of accutane, I binge drank on a regular basis and my liver enzymes were fine. I'm not saying you should drink, because everyone is different on Accutane. But, just don't worry yourself sick over it. However, i think my side effects were worse when I drank on accutane. I'm doing my second round now, and I am completely abstaining from alcohol. no more partying like a rockstar =(
  4. I'm halfway into my second month of my second round of Accutane on 80mg. Things aren't clearing up, and I'm ready to quit and go back to Antibiotics. I think a lot of my acne is just a really bad infection. I've tried Minocin, which I did not stay on for long because it caused bad nausea. Doxycycline, was ok, but didn't clear up my bigger pimples. Clindamycin was okay as well, not completely succesful. Are there any other Antibiotics that I haven't tried that might just do the trick? What about
  5. it will be easier to convince your derm if you've taken an antibiotic or two and used a topical since your last round of accutane. i actually had my mom go with me to convince the derm to give me accutane this time (even though i'm almost 22, haha). you could mention the emotional toll that acne takes on you, some derms really sympathize with that. also, it's generally easier to get an accutane prescription if you're a guy because you won't have to deal with iPledge and pregnancy tests.
  6. I'm in the 5th week of my second round of Accutane. During my first round I stayed at steady 40mg without an increase in dosage. I am now on my second round with a different doctor. I was on 40mg during my first month and ended being pretty dry by the end of the month. My dosage was upped to 80mg for my second month, and after the first couple days my skin started getting oily again. I'm still breaking out and I'm getting really discouraged with the crap considering that during my first round I
  7. Because at the right dosage, Accutane basically depletes your skin of its natural oils. You can try to get away without moisturizer for a while, but you will be really wanting it when the itchiness and the flakiness and maybe even eczema kicks in. Also, moiturizer lubricates the skin and keeps it supple while you're on Accutane, which can possibly keep you from scarring visibly if you get a cut or something. And, moisturizer can help the skin from being so fragile while you're on Accutane. That'
  8. Day 23 I've been really discouraged these past few days. Breakouts are getting worse and worse, especially on my neck and jawline. My blackheads are really apparent and kind of sticking out. They still aren't starting to purge yet. My skin is dry is rough. It seems like there is a scaly layer over the top of my skin and my moisturizer won't absorb past it. I didn't have this kind of dryness during my first round, so I'm not really sure how to deal with it. I'm wondering if it would be ok to use
  9. Thanks for the words of encouragement! sounds like you have a good regimen. What is "Neostrata"?
  10. Day 19 I woke up with three of those under the skin pimples on my neck fully red and inflamed today. I also have a new cyst on my chin. It's small but noticeable. My pimples seem so swollen and painful these past few days. I;m going to take a couple Ibuprofens and see if that helps the inflammation at all. My derm said I would break out the worst at the end of the first month, which is now, so I hope this is as bad things get. My mom told me today that besides the lower half of my face and neck
  11. DAY 18 Wow, today is like the attack of the pustules. I have those gross white pimples scattered over my chin and cheeks, and a few on my forehead. My neck is so bad today, i have so many under the skin pimples just laying there dormant I hope these go away, they are my least favorite kind of pimple. they are easy to cover with makeup, but you still know they're there. and they are painful and take forever to heal! My chest has a few new cysts on it. Lately it seems like some pimples will go aw
  12. Day 17 I would go over how things went on days one through sixteen, but they were pretty typical...skin gradually got less and less oily as I broke out more and more. Today I woke up with virtually no oil in my hair, it's amazing. My lips are pretty dry at this point. I'm disappointed with Aquaphor so I decided to order some Dr. Dan's CortiBalm to try. My scalp is itchy today, too. I would love to skip showering today, but I have places to be later and that would just be gross. I am still going
  13. My name is Amanda, I am a 21 yr. old female, and I started my second round of Accutane 17 days ago. To give some of my acne background....I started getting acne around age 10. At the initial onset of my acne, my mom was so perplexed that her 10 yr old 5th grader was getting acne that she immediately took me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist labeled my acne as "severe" and so I began my journey with every antibiotic, topical, oral acne med. one can possibly imagine. Some things worked well,
  14. I went to my derm recently and convinced her that I was ready for Accutane. My initial blood test indicated that my cholesterol & triglycerides were a little above normal. This might be due to my recent holiday weight gain I'm just curious if other Accutane users have dealt with this problem. Is Accutane going to raise these things? Is there anything I can take to prevent them from going up while I take Accutane. I've started back up with regular exercise and now that the holidays are over
  15. I am about a year and a half after my first round of Accutane. Right now, my regimen consists of Tazorac .1% gel, Plexion Cleanser, Yasmin BC pills and Zithromax antibiotic. I am very unhappy with my skin at this point. It is moderate with lots of blackheads and clogged pores, lots of papules and a 3-4 new cysts each week. I wouldn't say my skin is really severe. My back and chest also break out very badly and my skin is disgustingly oily. I've tried using Minocin and Doxycycline long term but a