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  1. I'm going to ask for some back up on this one from Maya ... You guys don't buy glycolic products off ebay You really don't know if what your getting is going to be intact and accompanied by instructions or what. There are PLENTY of reputable places to get these peels from. Here's my suggestion. makeupartistchoice. Take care. M
  2. eoipso7


    I've posted about my needling on Voy. M
  3. eoipso7


    The permanent makeup artist that I went to said it is a common practice. Most are trained in treating scars. In that field it is called dry tatooing. Try this term when you call around and you might have more success. Peace M
  4. eoipso7


    Freedom - check near the bottom of the current VOY forum. I'm just hoping it will really work in my case . . . fingers are crossed everyday. I'll post on it daily starting the 22nd. Peace M
  5. None here, but its still all the craze. Peae M
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    Sorry Maya . . . Mine is on the 22nd and I am very nervous, there are those two unhappy customers on VOY, but everyone else is positive?!?!?!?! M
  7. If it doesn't come w/ 1st a dillution solution don't use it. If it doesn't have directions for dilluting let me know. Peace M
  8. Just don't waste your money there, go to CVS, near the first aid supplies there are curad and I think a brand called Spenco . . . anyway they are in a blue box and there will be burn pads by the same company near the scar therapy pads. http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/cvs/gateway/deta...=499^Query=scar The silicone sheet was the only useful component in the scar fx things that I bought for $130, the creme was a complete con. Just be careful if you use sheeting on your face. Use a same size on b
  9. What kind? If indented - answer - no, however unlike some people I do think these kind of scars can be made much better. After two years of peels (glycolics) and saline injections a large scar I had from a car accident is almost completely undetectable. I used both Scar Fx & Mederma, the first did nothing and the second gave me a horrible rash. Good luck M
  10. If you have any experience with this please let me know : What kind. What cost. What kind of motion. i.e. How did it work. Peace M
  11. You sure are a cutie, a baby. I'm sure you have a wonderful life ahead of you. Peace M
  12. Oh ... you said info not product ... After my wreck I did ALOT of research. This is my second year of working on my scarring which is mostly imperceptable by now. Although, I'm kinda addicted to the boards. I did go through a mederma phase last summer. If you do some research on onion extract you will find the info. -----Can we get a peace sign emoticon????? Peace M
  13. Hypertrophic /raised scarring/ too much unorganized collagen/ think surgical scars Yes - if there is too little collagen Eckerds Peace M