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  1. I've been using the regimen for a while now (4 months) and I've finally found out a trick that works well for me. It's good that your going to the gym because they usually have a steam room (sauna.) I never used to visit the sauna at my gym but it's absolutely awesome. If the gym you go to has one, start using it. It helped with red marks I had from previous blemishes and it's helped keep me break-out free for about three weeks now. When your inside, throw water on the coals of the steam-box (p
  2. It's up to you, I just do that because I want to eliminate all possibilities of my acne. I always apply BP before bed so I doubt it's completely necessary but it doesn't hurt.
  3. That's also true. Do what you think is best. Good Luck!
  4. You have about the same acne as I had except mine was concentrated on my cheeks. It does take a toll on your self-esteem, but with a little bit of confidence, people won't even notice. When you start the regimen, make sure to be gentle around those problem areas when you cleanse, apply BP, and moisturize. Also, because your acne seems to be concentrated by your chin, you make want to think about why it's focused there. When you sleep, do you mush your face into your pillow? Do you touch the sk
  5. When I was using Proactiv, I was using like a dime-size portion for my whole face; not enough. When I started Dan's regimen, the first two days I did one pump and then the third day I went right to two. If you've been using BP for years, you're good to go man. Go with two pumps. It's a lot lighter than the Proactiv BP too.
  6. When you start the regimen, you need to apply a small amount of BP. Your skin needs to build up a little tolerance before you can apply two full pumps. I would suggest stopping like you said, give your skin some time to heel, and then start with a small amount of BP but still do the regimen twice a day. I'm up in the morning before 8 everyday so I do the regimen at 8 in the morning, then I shower at 8 (twelve hour increments) before bed and do the regimen again. The dryness can be fought with a
  7. I know. I've already ordered my kit from Dan. But do I have to ramp it up (a little, then more, then the full amount) if i've already been using BP for years?
  8. I can't say whether or not AHA lotion works because I've never used it but, I started Dan's regimen about a month ago and one thing that I've introduced in the past week is a 6% sulfur cream. Acnomel is a great sulfur cream. After you cleanse, spread a generous amount of the cream over your whole face and leave it on for about 15 minutes (stay away from the area around your eyes.) Sulfur penetrates deep into your pores and acts as a drying agent. It dramatically reduced redness and pimple size
  9. If you think toner is a good idea, then use it. That's the beauty of skin care, you can/should do what works best for you. I used to use the toner that Proactiv had when I was using Proactiv but now that I'm on a simple three-step regimen, I don't. Just remember, with a lot of things in life; less is more! You don't want to overwhelm your skin you just need to be consistent. Good luck!
  10. I can't say for sure but my experience with SA was about the same as BP. After about two weeks of using benzoyl peroxide, you will see excessive drying of the skin. What I just started doing is shaving in the shower and shaving after I get out of the shower. I posted this in a different section but if you're concerned about excessive drying this helps. Get a shower mirror, and a nice 3 blade razor. Shave every single day firmly but gently. After I started shaving like this, my skin got noti
  11. I would stay don't switch until your Proactiv runs out. I used Proactiv but my results were slow. It is a great regimen it's just that you don't get much quantity for the money. One of the best parts about Proactiv is the Refining Mask, a 6% sulfur cream. Use that to your advantage. It's an awesome product! However, I would say that you need to use MORE benzoyl peroxide than the recommended dose Proactiv says to use. If you want your skin to be free of acne, you need to airate your pores and B
  12. Alright so I've only been on Dan's regimen for a month and have had fantastic results. What I've done thus far is simple and easy for guys to do: - Shave daily with a 2 or 3 blade razor in the shower! - Cleanse in the shower immediately after shaving. - Let your face dry and re-shave. - Then apply a generous amount of BP when your face is dry again. - After 15-20 minutes, moisturize and add more if you need it. In my personal quest to defeat my acne, I've found that removing the dead, flaky
  13. I would say yes. The key ingredient to Dan's regimen and most three-step regimens is BP. I used to use Proactiv (which is a great product just expensive and there isn't enough quantity) and the recommended size of BP, I believe, was a dime-size portion. My results were slow with Proactiv and it didn't get my skin where I wanted it to be in the time I wanted it to be there. When my kit ran out, I bought Dan's large 3-4 month kit. You get a huge bottle of cleanser, BP and moisturizer. Two pump
  14. I would suggest shaving with a two or three blade razor. They don't irritate the skin as much and you can be gentle but firm in your shaving. When you shave, do it in the shower because your skin is much more loose and forgiving. And lastly, shave every day because all that dead skin that accumulates from BP needs to be removed and I believe that shaving is the easiest/safest way to remove it. Maybe you want to introduce a multi-vitamin, B-Complex vitamin, and perhaps Zinc into your diet. These
  15. The sulfur cream is the refining mask. I have about 1/4 of the tube left and I'm about to go buy some Acnomel which is also a sulfur cream. I can't tell you how much it has improved redness and skin tone in the last 3 days! My acne has always accumulated around my cheeks and I've had red marks for probably 3 weeks now. They take a while to dissipate but about three days ago I've started a 10 minute mask before bed and the results are unbelievable. My red marks are extremely faint now and I hav