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    wouldn't u like to know...
  1. I'll try to get some of that. I think I'm having the worst break out right now, I guess it has to do with me switching to neutrogena. It's gonna be three weeks on wednesday so I guess I will stick with it for another two weeks and see. Although, it kind of improved today. Also I still have some of the proactiv repairing lotion which contains BP but am not sure if to use it. I heard that it is a bad idea to use salicylic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide at the same time. Anyone know if I can use
  2. aww i'm glad. it's true though! yeah, i can look u up. facebook sucks anyway. lol.
  3. lol. no problem! maybe ur body will get use to it eventually. but be careful. here's a list of symptoms if ur blood sugar gets too low: feel hungry or have "hunger pains" in your stomach feel shaky or like you're trembling have a rapid heart rate feel sweaty or have cold, clammy skin have pale, gray skin color have a headache feel moody or cranky feel sleepy feel weak feel dizzy be unsteady or stagger when walking have blurred or double vision feel confused have
  4. lol! yeah i noticed that too... well.. maybe not BONE DRY, but a little less oily and fewer pimples. i've brainwashed myself though. i choose accutane over sex (atleast until i clear up)!
  5. maybe u should try clean and clear astringent and apply it with a cotton ball. it has made my face improve so much in just 3 days. it dried up my pimples and it made my pores smaller.
  6. u r really good looking, and ur skin looks great! i'm jealous...
  7. OMG I didn't know garlic lowered blood sugars... I eat a lot lol Btw does eating stuff lowering your blood sugar makes you hungrier? Just to know...Cause I've been eating like three people the moment I started reconsidering my diet to help the skin...I ve put on weight like...wow hell! (Though I think my weight is now appropriate to my height, it is still strange) my niece is on the diet and was put in the hospital because she was given too much garlic and her blood sugar dropped like c
  8. omg. i went on the anticandida diet for a whole day... since my diet mainly consisted of pretty much anything and everything, i thought i was going to pass out when i couldn't eat any of that stuff. and since ur taking a garlic bulb (which i'm sure u know that it lowers ur sugar and helps fight off yeast), and ur not putting sugar in.... i def. think it's from low blood sugar.
  9. well... ur only going to need to moisturize for 6 months (or how ever long ur course on accutane is). u should definitely put some kind of lotion on ur face while on accutane.
  10. it also keeps working after u get off of it... i think it's because it's built up in ur system so much. i'm glad that u have seen some improvement. stay strong and keep us updated.
  11. yeah!!! it oxygenates skin. acne bacteria can't live in oxygenated environments. ;)
  12. lol. wow. i'm sorry. but yes, i agree with mysteryman.
  13. oil and dead skin do not go well together... it makes me want to exfoliate just reading this!