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  1. Has anyone tried rubbing the cleanser in for a minute to really get it into your pores? Apparently this is bad as Dan advises against this a lot yet in the shaving videos he uses the cleanser as shaving cream which stays on his face for minutes at a time.
  2. Okay im going to Walgreens to pickup a sensor excel. But everywhere I look online I can only find the cartridges for the Sensor excel and the disposable sensor 3. Where do I get the handle? http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp...;id=prod3252336
  3. I think most of my acne is from shaving. The hairs become ingrown and turn into little whiteheads. Anytime I shave I will get those whiteheads 1 day after the shave and its mostly just around my chin and lower lip. I use a 50$ electric shaver(philips norelco 7310xl) and I have tried the Gillete mach turbo 3 blade razor. I used to wait a week before shaving but now I'm going to shave everyday with the electric but its very difficult with the whiteheads and sometimes it cuts them and I bleed.
  4. Recently I came off the regimen. (been 1 month) My face had 1 or 2 spots that stay and go but I never broke out serious like I was before the regimen. So I found a method I never heard of before: Avoid foods with high-fructose corn syrup at all cost Surprisingly HFCS is in almost everything, even 'healthy' stuff like yogurt, bread, juice, and granola bars... So I cut it all off. Simply read the nutritional label, see any 'syrup' anywhere. AVOID! I had those 2 pimples and I tried this out 2
  5. I've been on dans regimen since late october 2008, and it really has worked wonders. I still have red marks and 1 or 2 small pimples but those are in areas that were not my main problem areas. My face is still quite red and I only use about a pea sized ammount of BP, and don't want my clothes getting bleached anymore. If I still use dans cleanser, and AHA what are he chances I will break out bad again? I don't want to risk it if others have had bad luck but I don't want to depend on BP my whol
  6. I don't know whats up with dans moisturizer but theres way too much liquid in it. I try shaking the bottle but that doesn't help. It goes on my fingers nicely but when I go to apply on my face half of it runs down like water and doesn't want to apply like an actual cream. It is very annoying as half the substance runs in between my fingers and feels like water, which does not moisturizer well at all into skin.
  7. My face is very uneven in skintone with lots of redness going on, with the JO help reduce that?
  8. I do the standard cleanser, BP, and moisturizing steps 2x a day. I recently got some AHA and I don't know where to add it into my routine. Dan has videos of it being a moisturizer but it isn't doing a good enough job at that for me, can I put the regular moisturizer on after the AHA? This is what I just did a few moments ago. -Cleanser -BP -AHA (add in moisturizer after aha?)
  9. I'm currently using the Skin Essentials 3 piece acne kit from walgreens, I like it a lot better than the Klear Action kit and have been using it for about 3 weeks now. This is my routine which I do everyday when I wake up and before I go to bed. 1. Wash face with warm water, dry slightly. Then apply the face wash part of the kit. I only leave the cream on for 20 seconds or so before washing with cold water. Should I be letting it soak in more? 2. Dry face and then apply the toner, let it si