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  1. i'm thinking of putting foundation on top of my moisturiser on top of my bp gel. is that ok? thanks
  2. AHA...is that like glycolic acid? check www.perfectskin.uk.com, they do glycolic moisturisers...and also neutrogena pore refining moisturiser has retinol plus AHA (boots sell it)
  3. i just changed from panoxyl to quinoderm...not sure i've done the right thing! i started using panoxyl and within 3 days ALL my acne was gone...there was a lot of peeling and redness but when all the dead skin was gone my skin was so much better. it worked like a chemical peel for me because it completely removed a layer of skin. but because of its reputation for being too harsh, i stopped and bought quinoderm. the peeling has stopped and my spots seemed to have started again! but that could j
  4. congrats to you too your results are amazing. it doesn't take a comparison of the same side to see that the regimen has worked and your face is practically clear. woohoo!! ty dan
  5. i'm using the C+C scrub as well (hate the little beads though), but quinoderm for bp. it also leaves a white residue, but quickly dries clear. i had moderate acne...and now i have none after only a week. thing is though, my skin still looks pretty crap because of the large pores around my nose, and the mild red marks. good luck on the regimen
  6. i was hoping i'd be clear for uni too! that's why i was so motivated to stick to the regimen...right now my face looks like yours in the after pic, only i have visible pores around my nose. my acne before was worse though.
  7. dont even think about not moisturising...i was using panoxyl (very harsh already), and after the first few hours my skin wasn't dry at all so i thought i wouldn't need to moisturise. few days later my face was so dry a crust of hard dry skin actually formed, which was quite painful and yucky looking. dunno about rubbing the BP, but i use a salicylic acid wash to clear the pores. so the BP penetrates better, apparantly
  8. i used it for the first time on top of BP yesterday...it's not a moisturiser at all!! my face completely dried up and i kept putting on more and more of it...and although it softens your skin initially, the dryness then gets worse. i'm sticking with neutrogena
  9. your local boots store, if it has a pharmacy, should have it. they don't stock it often, and the assistants don't even know about it, but it's listed in their stock book! ask them to look it up in their book and order one if it's not in stock. they'll then phone you to collect it
  10. C and C blackhead scrub alternating with cetaphil
  11. demigod, yeah my face was peeling so much (like i put on bp in the evening, and a layer of skin comes off the next morning). i reckon it's because i started off with too much panoxyl. i'm using quinoderm now, it's less harsh.
  12. ahh ok...that makes sense. thank you
  13. or is that a sarcastic comment
  14. teplo...WHAT!!?? SA opens pores, BP kills bacteria...and so you're saying i shouldn't use SA with BP, or do you mean i should put BP on top of SA and not the other way round. stop trying to confuse me !
  15. pulling the bp off?? sounds like it's just THAT good i dunno, just make sure everything stays on your face. it all gets mushed together anyways, as the bp cream never gets fully absorbed into the skin (mine doesn't at least)