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  1. Mmm, I saw the word "violence" and now I feel so compelled to comment... Anger is impressive to say the least, and can be extremely overwhelming, depending on the source of that anger and the level of impact it has on the individual. It's quite apparent to me that you've been struck deep by our good friend Acne, and your reactions are quite typical. Violent thoughts and anger go hand-in-hand my friend, so do not fret, for you cannot help but allow these thoughts to follow through. Do not resi
  2. I just want to dance on these people's faces.
  3. Have you met Professor Accutane? He, my friend, works wonders of the world. He may be able to find what you, my friend, are looking for. Oh, yes...undoubtedly.
  4. Oh, I remember the sadness vividly. I can still taste it and it's utterly bland.
  5. Sometime ago, but it doesn't matter. It's a broken memory dwindling on the boughs of time.
  6. It will be a daunting journey my dear Rob, but I assure you, your perseverance will be well compensated for. You have my word. Now, you will begin your journey by travelling north through the Chasms of Flame, and then due east through the Forests of Despair. Then, when you arrive at The Altar of Severed Heads, you will have to make a choice. Go with your intuition for it will guide you to making the right decision. Once you've made the right choice, you will proceed forth into the Cave of Sla
  7. Envision your audience as kittens. All of them, kittens of various shapes and sizes. Once you've accomplished this, then, and only then, will you overcome the demon that is anxiety. Kittenssss.
  8. I would climb the Empire State building, naked, and inverted.
  9. Do you have in depth conversations with your acne lesions? Do you tell fables to your acne lesions, fables about far away lands and the noble knights who tread them? Do you tuck your acne lesions in at night and whisper "sweet dreams" into their ears? Do you cook your acne lesions breakfast when the sun rises in the morning? And do you cook your acne lesions dinner when the sun sets at night? Do you cuddle with your acne lesions when they're frightened, or hug them when they're alone? I do....