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  1. wow! Andrew hello!! insane! yeah...living in France for my third year at uni...Erasmus student, its pretty insane!! yeah yeah, tis all cool...ive gone on it this time for more cosmetic reasons...skin is not too bad but we both know how well it works so im back on it and hopefully this will be it for good!!its already practically cleared and its been 20 days so you can imagine the scale of it! Lovely to hear from someone from back in those dark days a few too many years ago!! hope is all is good.
  2. 3 years later, i am accutane again so i routed out my old log and read through it and it makes me smile and want to cry at the same time. Acne is 100 times less severe than first occassion but it is persistent and it makes me incredibly unhappy so enough was enough and im on it again, this time for roughly 300 days (!) interestingly, im living in France for the year and they dont mess around here, straight in, a LOT cheaper and generally more efficient but i did cry at the dermatologists as floo
  3. Personally for me.. i try not to dwell on negative long term effects of accutane purely and simply because im so damn desperate to get rid of my acne. Im 19, i have severe nodulocystic acne too and i find it the most debilitating thing ever... so much so i havent entered public or social situations for 10 weeks now. This may seem completely ignorant and to not go out shows a certain weakness of character but i suppose it shows the desperate situation im in.. I know this has very little releva
  4. oh and one more thing!! if its really painful and just keeps on breaking out, maybe its worth getting your doc or your derm to take a swab and test it for infection?! Mine did and turned out, i was heavily infected and put on 10 days antibiotics, fluxlocillian..cleared a lot of it up and no pain no, just nasty nasty cysts!!(nice) Its a possibility?
  5. Hey Lisa, Im so sorry to hear that your having to go on accutane for a third time!! Thats really crap.. i feel for you, i really do. A few things though to help you along!!! ON the brighter side, it works for you and you know it does so in no time at all you'll clear and happy again!! And.. they say that second and thrid courses of accutane are often quicker at working and that the side effects arent as bad as previous ones. Another thing is, youre pretty lucky you get the tane for free, tha
  6. Hey I know what you're saying about parents thinking it'll be clear just like that..very annoying. My mum is Exactly the same. I have to repeat over and over again.. it takes time.. it takes time.. and she says "is it actually working?" blah blah blah. I just astound her with my acne knowledge (something to be proud of ) and she shuts up for a day or too.. Saying this, i know she means well and she's just worried about me. (my dad just says its looking great to make me feel better) Oh its a t
  7. hey I was put on prednisalone for 20 days at the beginning of my accutane course because my skin was really inflamed.. i would say that it helped a lot but my skin did get a little worse when i stopped the prednisalone..not inflamed, but a broke out a little..BUT..i had just started roaccutane then too so it would have probably been my initial breakout.. Im not sure if thats any help.. but seen as your daughter's well into her accutane course and at a high dosage, i would imagine that coming off
  8. ..and one more point. im getting soooper fit now... im getting a lot better at jogging without feeling like death warmed up! No bad joints or anything just toned toned toned..
  9. IM BACK!! ha ha...bet you all missed me... but its alright, because ive returned. My computers been SERIOUSLY ill.. so im now on a different one and nasty viruses can piss off. This is my 2 months and 2 week anniversary...so..that makes 10 weeks..70 days!! New bump arriving on cheeks..grr..but just red, not unsightly or anything.. Places are clearing (ish) but it seems to have gone on hold a little bit... very annoying..Its hard to see real improvement when i look at it on a daily basis. Thats
  10. Hey! Just wanted to say good luck with the roaccutane!! Sounds like you're doing the right thing.. i had problems with bad skin for a good 4 or 5 years..nothing too severe, but persistant and damn annoying..ive been on every single bloody medicine for it!!Well.. im 19, so ive had one gap year, and im now on another cos my skin got real bad during the summer.I left it too long to go on roaccutane so it just got a lot lot worse to a pretty severe state.. so now im on my 10th week and things are lo
  11. hey ellen Its raining here so im not going out for a run..ive been bouncing around the house though trying to be energetic..my sister thinks im a little bit of a fruitcake!! We went to go on a walk in the hills (very ppicturesque round here) but the weather is so unpredictable, i dont fancy getting soaked so we opted for the dvd infront of fire thing.. should be good. Im driving home tommorow Back to the boring cambridge except its my other sister's birthday so that'll be nice!?! Skin is same
  12. how quickly the tane works differs from person to person and depends on loads of things like severity of accutane, dosage etc etc.. Im on my 2nd month and things are starting to kick in..quite dramatically!! best of luck w.the tane! Frankie
  13. School was brilliant!!Primary school was at least..well all school was pretty darn cool...except sixth form..my sixth form college sucked. My Mums a primary school teacher and i love going to her school and pissing around in her classroom with all the plasticine (sp?) and the sand pits and that paint that came in huge old stylee fairy liquid bottles..BEROL paints. and BEROL pens.. we only got pens in year 3..it was pencils up until then!! And did you ever put glue all over your hands, wait til
  14. hey ellen!! Im so jealous of you having beaches and nice weather...The beaches in England are always bloody freezing.At the moment im wearing trousers and two jumpers and big woolly socks and im still cold!!! The gym 6 times a week...wow!! I do exercices everyday. I dont go to the gym though cos i cant afford it with not working and all that!!I do about 15 minutes cardio workout and then about 10/15 mins on abs and stretching.I can already feel the improvment..getting more toned!! I like doing
  15. i was on minocin on and off for 4/5 years. It worked at first..took about a month to notice it but just be warned...its only a temporary thing. My body became immune to it and im now on accutane having had the worst breakout ever. If you're on it for a long time, maybe switch to another one after 6 months or a year like oxytet or something.. you're derm'll know about it all though id imagine, my doctor didnt but i dont knw how he got trhough med school.