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  1. Hi guys, I found this product which seems really interesting but it is $100 dollars so I wanted to do some research on this item but cannot find any info except what the company provides. Check it out: http://cgi.ebay.com/Plasma-Ion-Hair-Scalp-...bayphotohosting What you guys think? Is this worth it? any one have any reviews on this ? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Guys, I have been using Dan's product for over a month now. I am not totally happy with the results so far but I guess its OK. I have decided to try different methods in order to enhance my fight with acne. I use Dan's instruction very carefully. I have started to take Vitamin E everyday. Now I am interested in trying the Blue light therapy since they say 76 percent have good results. So I am hoping I'll fit in that category. My question is I bought Nature Bright and facial sauna
  3. I agree nothing ever works.... We just keep on spending money on these 3 step programs no wonder these companies don't come up with some else because this is the best way to make money. I am using Dan's Reg right now...but come on at the end its just a fuckin 3 step program
  4. I am using mama lotion ......its expensive $45...but i think its worth it ....really helps the face with the red marks, pigmentation. are you taking anything else for red marks.....or just vitamin E?... I do have dan's AHA which I think helps also...not sure :/
  5. Thanks for your reply. I did a test using 10% BP by applying small amounts on my arm. It had no side effects for me, there was no redness and swelling or anything. The only thing was it left my skin dry. However, after applying some moisturizer, my skin turned out fine. Does this mean that it is ok for me to use 10% BP? Use 10% BP for your back...and For face I would really recommend that you order online 2.5% less harsher on your face and the skin can take it well....10% on your face will
  6. Seriously, Why can't these companies come up with something better than fu*** 3 step programs. There are laser treatments which none of us can afford and people who do get it done...are still never satisfied. invaderzim....have you tried accutane....Like the person above me said....it is really good...just tough on your body. But I think if you can even do 2-3 months your body acne will improve a lot. But from my experience accutane didnt really help me out on facial acne... anyways
  7. Automattox...U look very good.... doesn't seem like you have acne problem... Dan products working for you????
  8. Yea, dont stop using BP. Just use a good Moisturiser and exfoliate once a week. Use jojoba it has been helping me control the flaking if I put it on before BP
  9. I took accutane for about 4 months so from experience you should not use BP. Accutane already makes your skin dry out, you are just going to irritate your skin by using BP. Use a lot of moisturizer and 1 tip for you. GET a Key chain lip balm. if your a girl that might be easy and if your a guy it might be a little gay but U SHOULD GET IT!....your going to need it.
  10. I started the regimen about 2 week ago and my skin acne has been in control since except for one zit popping up I am satisfied so far. But recently my skin has been very very flaky so after reading couple of posts on acne.org I started to use jojoba before BP and it has been much better. Just make sure after to go like this Clean - Face wash Jojaba Oil Wait 5-10 minutes BP Wait 30 minutes Mostrisuer+Jojoba This has really helped me with the flaking. and at night time I use AHA+Jojoba
  11. I am new to DKR ..it has only been like a week since I started using his products. But so far it looks very promising. If you have acne just on your face then don't worry about accutane. I had severe back and face acne. Accutane did help destroy back acne and now I have like 100 scars But ITS A LOT BETTER! I was on it for 4 months and it was like hell. accutane does not help face at all or at least my face. Plus after accutane I got dry skin, and hardcore dry lips.
  12. You can also use Mama's Lotion. I have never tried it but i have scars and hyper pigmentation also It has very good reviews on treatment reviews on acne.org. Just ordered Dan's reg so gonna see how that goes and then add in the mama's lotion.