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  1. Actually yes, taking birth control may help a little for guys with acne but probably not that much since it won't reduce testosterone levels enough for a guy to have much effect. Also you may also get minor gynecomastia(male breasts). Like you I had tried everything for my moderate acne, even accutane. I'm transsexual and have transitioned from male-to-female so anti-testosterone therapy was part of my hormone therapy and was the only thing that worked 100%. It has reduced oil to normal levels
  2. Same for me - I take 100mg spiro and 10 lexapro for generalized anxiety. I havn't noticed any bad interactions and I am doing well on both.
  3. I'm really sorry that you are having difficulty getting spiro through your GP, It has worked a miracle on me. I know how frustrating it is dealing with doctors that don't really understand things. I was like you for most of my teen years going to a GP who would just look in a book and give me another thing to try - non of which worked like spiro has helped me. I also suffer from very sensitive skin so using a lot of topicals tends to irritate my skin and make me look worse even if it does clear
  4. Hormone therapy for acne save my life ! Before I had moderate acne and very oily skin, now I just wash my face morning and night and I stay 99.9% clear. I'm a huge fan of hormone therapy and only wish I started sooner. I found sprio made me have headaches and a little nauseated the first two weeks but after that I was fine. I need to take no less then 100mg a day or my skin gets oily and will start to breakout. Good luck
  5. Girls should try an anti-androgen, specifically spironolactone or diane35. Lowering testosterone levels will usually cause you’re skin to produce less oil. Unfortunately it is not an option for guys unless you don't mind being a lot less manly.
  6. Noura, How much spiro are you taking? I found that if I take any less then 100mg daily that I will start to get oily and break out in about a week. I've actually only been on spiro for 3 months but I was taking a much stronger form of Diane (Androcure) without the estrogen in it beforehand. I had to switch from that to spiro because I am transsexual and have gone through surgical reassignment to female so I lack the ability to produce testosterone as a male would, so I had to switch to a safer
  7. PleeeeeeeeeeasE try spironolactone before diane35. It is much safer and will do the same thing. Most acne is effected more by androgens then estrogen or progesterone so the last two aren’t really required. Sprio will only block testosterone, with the added bonus of less body hair growth, lower sodium levels(live longer), and no risk of blood clots or stroke. You can if you wish then take birth control (not diane35 obviously) which may help additionally. I take 50mg of spiro twice daily.
  8. This is ridiculous. So if you find that there is a connection to frequent male-orgasms and acne then what are you going to do? Not ever have sex or masturbate??? I don't know if there is any connection but what I can tell you being a male-to-female transsexual that there is definitely a connection between acne and androgen(Testosterone). Before transitioning I had moderately severe acne and very oily skin. After taking 50mg Androcure(Cyproterone Acetate) for only a couple of months I had ZERO a