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  1. Thanks for the info guys, I think I will give it at try. Hopefully it works. Hey Piplup have you ever heard of Sauk Centre and Long Prairie, they are in Minnesota and thats where I used to live.

    yeah, sauk Centre is in Sauk Rapids near Saint Cloud, got some family out there. I'm near the twin cities. LOOOOOOOVE it, there's always something to do here. Never been to long prairie though.

  2. High school does suck when you've got acne.

    I had it really bad in high school until my senior year, then I cleared up. It was nice cuz I got to rub it in to everyone who made fun of me before, alotta guys started asking me out, and I'd always turn em down. UNTOUCHABLE, Baby!

    Sure made me feel good.

    I got acne again when I moved to FL for a year for school, hated it so I came back to Minnesota. Minnesota weather does wonders for my skin.

    Plus I just started a new benzoyl peroxide cream and it's really clearing me up, I feel great. I don't even have to wear make up anymore.

    Little tidbit... just don't let em bug ya, shrug it off and eventually you'll really honestly feel like it's not that big of a deal. confidence is key.

  3. I'm a 19 year old female and my best friends tell me I have the libido of a man.

    I make my boyfriend happy at least once a day. Sometimes more.

    I remember one day we had sex like 5 times :)

    I live with him, and we've been together for a while, so we're really close, otherwise I wouldn't be like that.

    I'd say jack it off or abstain ;) don't sleep around. it always ends badly.

  4. Don't worry! These are perfectly normal. They should only be a problem if you have tons of them or if they are large.

    Unfortunately, you are born pre-destined to have them. Once you get them, they are there forever. The only thing that can actually get rid of them is accutane but they reappear months after treatment stops. Also, retinoids like tretinoin can be used to reduce their appearence but who wants a red flakey sore penis AMIRITE? They just look like little goose pimples, I don't really see the problem. Sorry about the pearly papules though, they are definately unsightly, even though it's still one of those 'normal' things. I read somewhere that some doctors can freeze them off or something *shrug*.

    P.s. I know so much about this topic not because I have fordyce spots, because erm. Because...I look at a lot of penises! That's right! I look at all my friend's penises. There. The truth is out.



    Holy mother of God. Why doesn't my work place offer free zinc facial masks! This is the cure to acne, they offer me health care, but not WARM FACIAL MASKS?!?!!?!?! MY GOD THE WORLD IS OVER.


    Nipple Teaser... I friggin' love you.

    BTW, they are pretty normal, my boyfriend has just one and it never goes away. He freaked when he got it and had it checed out. Doc's say they're normal. But if you really wanna be sure, go see a doc. Good Luck!

  5. i hate strapless bras.

    i hate all bras.

    so i can feel your pain. has anyone tried that bra that has no straps, and you can supposedly wear it with anything? i've seen it on infomercials a few times.

    Heh, I think those are the ones that are like silicone boobs with a glue-like substance inside that keeps em sticky. The problem with those is that after your third time wearing it, the stickiness is gone. they fall right off. That happened to me, I stuck it on my boobs and three seconds later it popped right off and onto the floor. My boyfriend could NOT stop laughing. Neither could I.

    Eventually, I learned that with certain clothes I don't even need a bra. My boobs are relatively small, so I'm one of the lucky few who gravity does not take hold of. I probably could go without, but I'm not comfortable with being so free-flowing :D

  6. Victoria's secret has a few great bras. They have the ones that have regular straps with little hooks on them so you can make it like a criss-cross. great for certain tank tops and such. Also, they do make comfortable strapless bras with removable straps. They stay up very well compared to most strapless bras as well. They're a bit more expensive though. But I invested in one and I love it. No marks and no tugging constantly. it's one in their "Body by victoria" collection.

    Also... wanna know vikki's secret?

    Her husband started the store and named it after her.


    true story.

  7. 1. your thread probably would have gotten replies without making a life or death headline. I know mine did. That's EXACTLY what this site is for.

    2. stick to one treatment for at LEAST eight weeks before jumping to conclusions. Changing your regimen so often will only cause more damage to your skin.

    3. Start with a basic, mild cleanser. Then use a Salicylic acid or bp treatment. Wait fifteen minutes for your face to air dry. DO NOT USE A TOWEL. it aggravates the skin. after it dries, use a good toner, toners are miracle workers when it comes to redness. Don't use too much because it can make you oily. But not using ANYTHING to moisturize will also cause more oil. Your skin will be too dry, which will put it into overdrive and you'll get really oily. If you think the toner isn't enough for moisture, use a moisturizing cream or lotion too, preferrably one with time-released BP, to keep fighting acne through your day. use it very lightly.

    Also, another tip, don't rub stuff into your skin, it aggravates it. be gentle. always.

  8. I know from experience ok.... and having "healthy" skin has nothing to do with getting acne. The fact that people walk around thinking people with acne are unhealthy is just completely wrong, eating healthy can only do so much, if acne is in your genes your are going to get acne no matter what the fuck you put in your mouth, no one that hasn't dealt with it would know any different.

    It's an annoying misconception and if i didn't believe the same bull shit when i was younger my face wouldn't be fucked. Thank you.

    I second this statement to a degree, minus the hostility. Basically, from the research I've seen, what goes on inside your body will not DIRECTLY improve acne. It will make your skin better, because your body releases certain hormones and chemicals that are really good for your skin. But it won't really take acne away nor reduce scarring. Those happen in time usually, on their own. I think this is a misconception because improving acne and improving skin sound alot alike. I also think that having healthy skin will help reduce the appearance of acne, though you'll probably have just as much acne as you would if you didn't have healthy skin.

    eating healthy can help to a degree, but I don't think it will exterminate acne. There isn't anything you can do to exterminate acne, you can only control it's recurrences and severity... to a degree. as I said.

  9. Try lowering your dosage, if you use twice a day, make it once a day, just before bed, or maybe even every other day. If you don't want to do that, or are only using it once a day already, try using LESS on your face and using a toner to moisturize. the itch is from dryness. Don't use alot of toner though, just put it on a cotton ball and dab away. If you use too much you could over moisturize and get all pimply. Toner definately helps though.

    Also, I know it sucks and it's almost imposible, but when it itches, DO NOT SCRATCH. it only irritates it more and makes the itching worse. If you can avoid it, the itching goes away fairly quickly.

    AND, one more tip. Stop using it for a few days and let your face return to its normal state. once the itching is gone and all that happy crap, use it moderately (very little amount) as well as only every other day, as well as using a toner for moisture. If that doesn't help the acne go away, up your dose SLOWLY so you don't irritate your face and make it itchy all over again.

  10. Okay. hear me out. Here's something people need to take into concideration, including yourself. Yes, there are side effects, usually not severe. Mood swings. So what? That can be controlled to a degree. Suicidal thoughts are a possibility. But here's where you need to really think from both sides of the argument. the possibility of suicidal thoughts for a timespan of a few months to a year, depending on the severity of your acne and the length of time spent on accutane, OR the possibility of suicide due to low self-esteem, lasting years? The choice is up to you, look at it subjectively. is it worth it to you? If you think you can deal, then good for you. If you really can't take it anymore, then maybe you should concider accutane.

    Also, may I remind you that while on accutane, you go see a doctor once a month for emotional and physical check ups. You are monitored. There are things you can do to prevent the effects from happening, like reducing your chances of getting into stressful situations with loved ones, or go jogging once a day or every few days. Jogging increases blood flow, which increases endorphins and chemicals into your body, creating a "high" ... a feelgood, healthy, happy kind of high. Do something that makes you happy. It's not that hard.

  11. I think there are women out there who would date a man in his late twenties with acne. I Have acne, but I didn't have it until recently, and when I didn't, I dated my fair share of men with acne, pudgy men, muscular men, so on and so forth. I think it is definately a possibility. It all depends on the woman. Then again, I am only one woman, and I have no one "type" of man that I'm attracted to. I've found several different types of men attractive, and I'm happy to be that way.

  12. GEEZ, i was being sarcastic when i said you destroyed my confidence, i can care less what you say, you mean nothing. If im such a loser, please stop responding to my post and do something more productive with your time. As for my girlfriend shes also smart, successfull, sweet, caring, and funny, as well as good looking.

    get a fucking life, you probably have no friends, and i actaully feel sorry for you. I am no longer going to dignify you with responses anymore, Bye.

    Piplup- i know exactly what you mean with your boyfriend and your lucky to have a guy like that, sounds a lot like my g/f, but im sure you are still good looking even with the acne.

    I have a few things to say: I don't think it's cool to tell someone that they mean nothing. Maybe they dont mean much of anything to you, but that doesn't meant hat they mean nothing. Also, I'm glad you have a great girlfriend, and hopefully you really do appreciate her in as many ways as you say. If so, then more power to ya.

    My puter is so friggin slow right now that I haven't been able to put pics of me up on the site, but sometimes I feel pretty, sometimes I don't. Even when I don't I put on a brave face and within a few hours I start feeling alot better about myself. I suggest that to anyone feeling the low self-esteem. Smiles are contagious.

  13. I didnt ever say that ugly guys deserve ugly girls, learn how to read and dont put words in my mouth. Im just saying, that in my experience of living where i live, a lot of woman are shallow, and the good looking ones usually go for the good looking guys. It actually makes me happy to see these guys getting hot girls, im just not used to seeing this.

    Gee, I need to learn how to read? That's interesting, considering how completely you missed the point. I said "as though" ugly guys don't deserve any better. That does not mean I put words in your mouth - your original post implied this.

    It makes you happy, does it? Why did your original post say:

    -sorry i just needed to vent.

    How odd - I don't usually need to vent when I'm happy about something. Nice job on trying to save face, but I'm not buying it - I still think you're a shallow loser.

    I think southOCcali is pretty spot-on with that statement. You're making several comments that are only digging you deeper and deeper into portraying yourself as shallow. Heh.. ironic, eh? You should probably stop trying to save yourself. Do you really care what random people online think of you anyways? If so it only proves South's point further.

  14. good points. Im just saying, i know looks has a lot to do with relationships no matter what people tend to say. I know i could not be with a girl who i didnt find PHYSICALLY attractive no matter how attractive her personality is i need to be physically attracted too. Also my g/f says the same thing, that she couldnt be with a guy who shes not PHYSICALLY attracted too. Yes it maybe sound shallow, but i do admit i a somewhat shallow person, maybe not everyone is but i think the majority are.

    What you may see as "unattractive" in that nerdy guy with the "hot chick" may be seen completely different from the hot chicks POV. She may very damn well think the nerdy dorky guy is gorgeous. (and vice versa)

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Indeed, there is a point there. I think that you do need to be physically attracted to someone in some way or another. yeah, maybe they're short and pudgy, but some people may find that adorable. Take my bf for example: I was once upon a time very pretty (in my own eyes), but eventually, I got acne on my face. My boyfriend sees past it and thinks that there are plenty of things about me that are physically attractive.

    I don't feel like I'm very pretty, but people hit on me all the time, even though my face isn't the clearest. And my boyfriend is very attractive with a goofy, nerdy personality. I hit the jackpot. I don't know whether or not other people find him attractive, it never occured to me that he may not be attractive in the eyes of someone else until I read this. That only proves the point further that most people don't date someone based on how attractive they themselves are.

  15. Okay, I'm new to the site. I'm a 19 year old female, and I've had acne since I was about 14. It's pretty bad. I used to be on perscription benzoyl peroxide medication called Benzaclin, but I no longer can afford medical insurance, so I can't get my perscriptions. I've tried countless otc's to no avail. I have no idea what works and what doesn't. My grandmother is an esthetician (sp?) and she got me some stuff from Mexico, but I don't want to use something and have no idea what's in it. Anyways, can anyone tell me if the acne.org regimen really works? I know they have testimonials on the site, but that only tells about the success stories. I'd also like to hear about some store-bought otc's if anyone has suggestions.

  16. Don't fret yet, kiddo. My boyfriend was on accutane for 5-7 months before seeing good results. His skin also got dry, in fact, it was so bad for several months that every time he had a scratch or rubbed his face or shoulders, it looked like clouds of dust fell off of him. He hated it, but kept soldiering on. After about six or seven months, he was acne free, and his skin returned to normal. He's been off accutane for over a year now and is still acne free.

  17. I've never been on Acutane, and I don't think my acne is severe enough to get the treatment, but my boyfriend's was. I know you're scared because it's a pretty big treatment. I want you to know that if you keep in check with your doc, you should be okay. My boyfriend was on it for 5-7 months before getting serious results, but his acne was really, really severe. He's got quite a bit of scarring now on his shoulders, but his face is super clear. He's been off it for a year or so now, and he's still acne free. I just thought you might want some inspiration. ;)

  18. Also, I've seen at least one or two posts making the point that you're not as ugly as you think you are. You look at yourself every day and pick out all your flaws, other people who see you don't do that. How often do you look at someone and think "oh god, look at her hair" or "that zit looks huge"? they take in the overall appearance, people don't look at each other with a microscopic lense.

    You'd be surprised. Personally, I do not point out the flaws in others, but I know plenty of people who do. For instance, my sister and her friends: These are grown women and the things they talk about regarding his/her looks, or that guy's face, or her boobs, are quite surprising.

    Even at work, guys----and even some women----mouth off and demean others for their looks. A female customer came in for business one day and a handful of my co-workers (one of them female) were snickering over the lady's looks. The guy working next to me was trying desperately to hold his laugh, making their objections quite obvious to the customer.

    Whether you believe it or not, from what I've seen, people are very crude and superficial and they really do point out of the flaws in other people.

    You're right. Some people do pick out flaws, I'm sure alot of people do. I should have been a bit more specific with my statement: people worth being with and around aren't going to look at others with a microscopic lense. Clearly, those who do have one reason or another for doing so, and aren't stable in some way, and would probably drive their significant other nuts. It's either instability or simple bitchiness in most cases that makes people behave in that manner. Either way, something's not quite right.

  19. Also, I've seen at least one or two posts making the point that you're not as ugly as you think you are. You look at yourself every day and pick out all your flaws, other people who see you don't do that. How often do you look at someone and think "oh god, look at her hair" or "that zit looks huge"? they take in the overall appearance, people don't look at each other with a microscopic lense.

  20. Hey, I'm a girl, and I have some very beautiful girl friends who really don't date men simply based on looks. I recall several conversations about men we know who attract women because of the way they carry themselves. Try being a little more outgoing, flash a few smiles. Smiles are absolutely contagious to women especially. I know it's hard when all you're thinking is "I hate my face, I hate my face" but you'll get into the groove of things eventually. And what's even better, after a while, your positive attitude won't just be a show. You'll really become happier, and when you're happier, you're less stressed. Stress leads to acne, as I'm sure we all know. It may help reduce your blemishes in turn.

    I really hope this little piece helps someone, it helped me when I tried it.