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    I love learning new things and hanging out with the people I love. My life is all about music, I've been part of the music industry since the age of 2. I love animals, books, and movies too.
  1. i love minnesota. especially the twin cities. lots of people. But i do miss the ocean.
  2. yeah, sauk Centre is in Sauk Rapids near Saint Cloud, got some family out there. I'm near the twin cities. LOOOOOOOVE it, there's always something to do here. Never been to long prairie though.
  3. yeah that stuff made my face break out worse. Too harsh, and it REALLY made me oily. Maybe it'll work for you though, there's only one way to find out!
  4. High school does suck when you've got acne. I had it really bad in high school until my senior year, then I cleared up. It was nice cuz I got to rub it in to everyone who made fun of me before, alotta guys started asking me out, and I'd always turn em down. UNTOUCHABLE, Baby! Sure made me feel good. I got acne again when I moved to FL for a year for school, hated it so I came back to Minnesota. Minnesota weather does wonders for my skin. Plus I just started a new benzoyl peroxide cream and it
  5. Thanks for the love (Nipple Teaser)

  6. I'm a 19 year old female and my best friends tell me I have the libido of a man. I make my boyfriend happy at least once a day. Sometimes more. I remember one day we had sex like 5 times I live with him, and we've been together for a while, so we're really close, otherwise I wouldn't be like that. I'd say jack it off or abstain don't sleep around. it always ends badly.
  7. Nipple Teaser... I friggin' love you. BTW, they are pretty normal, my boyfriend has just one and it never goes away. He freaked when he got it and had it checed out. Doc's say they're normal. But if you really wanna be sure, go see a doc. Good Luck!
  8. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but when I went to visit sweden there were ALOT of extremely beautiful people there. You think they're pretty, you should see the people from iceland. Jesus.
  9. piplup


  10. My grandfather immigrated here from sweden, my grandmother from finland. I have terrible acne. But yes, when my face is clear, it looks like marble. I wish I could get it clear again. ::sigh::
  11. Heh, I think those are the ones that are like silicone boobs with a glue-like substance inside that keeps em sticky. The problem with those is that after your third time wearing it, the stickiness is gone. they fall right off. That happened to me, I stuck it on my boobs and three seconds later it popped right off and onto the floor. My boyfriend could NOT stop laughing. Neither could I. Eventually, I learned that with certain clothes I don't even need a bra. My boobs are relatively small, so
  12. Victoria's secret has a few great bras. They have the ones that have regular straps with little hooks on them so you can make it like a criss-cross. great for certain tank tops and such. Also, they do make comfortable strapless bras with removable straps. They stay up very well compared to most strapless bras as well. They're a bit more expensive though. But I invested in one and I love it. No marks and no tugging constantly. it's one in their "Body by victoria" collection. Also... wanna know v
  13. hey. I dunno about you guys, but I love anybody who names their profile after one of AFI's greatest.
  14. 1. your thread probably would have gotten replies without making a life or death headline. I know mine did. That's EXACTLY what this site is for. 2. stick to one treatment for at LEAST eight weeks before jumping to conclusions. Changing your regimen so often will only cause more damage to your skin. 3. Start with a basic, mild cleanser. Then use a Salicylic acid or bp treatment. Wait fifteen minutes for your face to air dry. DO NOT USE A TOWEL. it aggravates the skin. after it dries, use a go
  15. I second this statement to a degree, minus the hostility. Basically, from the research I've seen, what goes on inside your body will not DIRECTLY improve acne. It will make your skin better, because your body releases certain hormones and chemicals that are really good for your skin. But it won't really take acne away nor reduce scarring. Those happen in time usually, on their own. I think this is a misconception because improving acne and improving skin sound alot alike. I also think that havin