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  1. lol, I bought this last night. I hope I like it Hahaha, I hope you like it. You will be shocked at how soft and smooth your face feels afterwards. One small note is that I don't use BP or AHA the night that I use the Healthy Skin Rejuvinator because I am afraid it will be too much, so I just put on some light moisturizer.
  2. I too, have the same problem. I found a tutorial on youtube and ended up watching all of the girls videos...then realized that she had a blog where she also posted step-by-step pictures of her tutorials with written instructions. You can search Michelle Phan on youtube. I believe her blog site is: Michelle Phan's Blog She really makes it "simple-stupid" so to speak. Hope it helps!
  3. I am really loving the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator. It is easy to use and does work wonders...but I can only use it 1-2 times a week as it can irritate if used too often. I also like that it costs anywhere from $30-$40 and comes with batteries and refills.
  4. My forehead is by far the most persistant spot on my face also. Although the acne was more severe on my chin and jaw, those areas responded faster to topical treatments than my forehead, that was more mild/moderate. The best so far for me was the DKR - but it took a while for the forehead area to clear. At night, instead of moisturizing, I use Dan's AHA+. I think that has helped also. Despite this, I still get 1 or 2 small bumps on my forehead, but not the infestation that I did have. Soem
  5. I really like this stuff also. It is definitely the best liquid foundation that I have come across. I only use this for special occasions though because I am lazy. Right now I am using Physician's Formula Loose Mineral Powder for everday. Oh, and when I first started the regimen - I just couldn't use it because of the BHA in it. I think my skin can handle it now. P.S. This might not work for those with darker complexions. P.S.S. Don't use the clear complexion concealer under your e
  6. I suggest MAC's and Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliners. They pretty much stay put and true to color all day. If you really want a pencil that is better at staying then avoid Khol's. Some recs include: Revlon Colorstay Prestige Waterproof Almay 16hr Just be sure to use a good eye makeup remover.
  7. People, like your best friend, are usually really insecure about themselves. That is why they feel the need to put someone down. This way, they feel better. I think you need to have a heart to heart with her...and let her know that the things she says hurt you and are hurting the "relationship." If she continues to act this way (which might happen since she probably has no idea how not to do this - it is a habit) end things by just cutting her out. OR You can also try to make her feel
  8. hhhmmmm...that could be because I live in Miami where it is super humid and sticky most of the time. In the winter we don't really use heaters...we just open our windows for once...lol. I have the best skin in the winter. Once I went to Las Vegas for vacation and my skin became so clear. Also, while I was there, I met someone from Houston who said that the best thing about moving to Vegas was having his skin clear up. I think it really depends. Those who break out in the winter...could it
  9. Although I still breakout throughout the year, I too am at my worst during the summer. I consider moving to a more dry climate everyday.
  10. You might want to try Cetaphil again...since your skin is so dry (only a nickel-sized amount). If you can't use Cetaphil...you are going to have a hard time with the flakes. You can also try Dan's moisturizer (it contains jojoba oil). I think that Dan's is great and it doesn't have SPF. Just an FYI, Aloe made my face super red and sting so bad...everyone is different. Also, I think that most things will sting if the BP is still wet, you have to make sure it absorbs and dries completely be
  11. I'm not sure, but I think you might be using too much of everything. You are probably irritating the crap out of your skin. I suggest that you use 3-4 items in your regimen: 1. Gentle Cleanser (this means no medicated cleansers) 2. BP (2.5%) 3. Good moisturizer Using products like tea tree oil and too much AHA can cause irritation, which can cause acne. Try using AHA 1-2 times per week. Also, natural doesn't always mean better when it comes to acne prone skin. For instance, lavender oil i
  12. Yeah...2x's a day, everyday...until you are clear. Once you are clear for while, you can use less BP and see how your skin handles it.
  13. One full pump by day 4? Ramp it up a little slower...trust me! Skin really takes a while to get used to BP. The Olay is good for day, but still not strong enough for night. If you can order online I recommend Dan's moisturizer. If not, cetaphil, or olay + jojoba oil will work. Oh, and don't fret if you feel and look like a snake shedding in a day or so. It happens to everyone (at least me) on the regimen. Just stick it out and it will pay off.
  14. Be patient...it takes a while to see results. I recommend that you read through the what to expect page. What to expect Oh, and I highly recommend that you get a stronger moisturizer. You'll see that your usual moisturizer just won't be enough. But hang in there and in a couple of months you won't be able to recognize yourself.
  15. To make life easier I copied the countries that Dan cannot ship to for you from the shipping info page. They are: Austria, Germany, Nigeria, Philippines, Sweden Hope this helps!