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  1. Hello I was wondering if any of you while accutane had acne that just wouldnt go away! I have had a couple of zits that have been there for a few weeks, but besides that the accutane is working great! They are kinda big ones also, I'm not sure what you would cal them, they almost blend in with my face but are still noticable. Also you cant pop them( I know I shouldn't be anyways but I cant help it lol). They feel like they are ready to burst but they wont at all! Is there anything or any drug to
  2. Hello and thanks for your response! I have a question can you put this on directly to the infected spot or do you have to mix it with anything? Also I was thnking about getting the one with smells less will it work the same do you think? Thanks again for your help !
  3. Hi guys, I was wondering if you know of any really great spot removers? Cause I am on accutane now and for the most part it's working great, but I do get a few zits here and there and when I get them they just dont want to go away! And they are big ones . I've been on accutane for almost 2 months now. I'm in need of something that may help get rid of these big zits quicker and I have no clue what to use .
  4. Hello guys, I just read the guys question below on smooth bean and folowed the link to the other forum, but they really didn't talk about smooth beam being a "cure" or resoultion for acne. Does anyone know if this helps with it and how much so. I mean can this be a replacement to accutane? Or another question would taking a coarse of accutane which I'm on now and then when I'm done taking it have this surgery done? I really dont have many if any scars caused from acne and my acne I think is real
  5. WOW those have to be the lowest prices I have seen! Do you need a prescription to order from them? Also around how long does shipping take?
  6. Does that 80% success rate mean that 80% of people that use it stay clear afterwards? What exactly does the success rate mean?
  7. Did you know that you can get the pills from Europe? Thats where I get mine from you dont need a prescription! I get them from there for 2 reasons 1 being that I dont have the money to go to a dermatologist(and have them put me on everything but accutane first and waste my money) and 2 being that I think it is a lot cheaper and the place I get mine from is quick with the shipping(usally within a week). I get the pills for about 128.00 for 30x20mg thats including shipping. Here is the link http:/
  8. Thanks Phil B, That sux that they come back for you, I think its like a 50/50 chance for most people that they come back. They say the second time you take it is a lot more likely to go away for good. I drink but mainly on weekends if I go clubbing or something( if my face isn't too shot), and it hasn't been lately. My acne I think was very mild, because whenever I mentioned it to someone like a friend they say they didn't even really notice it. I guess its true that you are your own worst crit
  9. Hello Everyone! I have a few questions, but I'm not sure if I'm asking at the right place. Ok first of all let me tell you all that I have been on accutane for almost 2 months now and it appears to be working great, I either have no acne or maybe I'll get 1-3 zits and thats it. I use to get whiteheads all the time around my whole face, that I would pop everyday and then I would just get more everywhere. But after about 3 weeks of roaccutane I havent seen many maybe 2 at the most. Anyways like th