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  1. Personally, starting on this drug is one of the best things I have ever done. I was also 31 when I started and I'm now 4 months into the course. I was also terrified by the horrorstories. No so much of the IB, but more of the sideeffects which I read in some cases could be nasty and even permanent. Reading the logs in here helped a lot. As it turned out, most people only have minor sideeffects such as dry skin and a little joint pain every now and then. The same goes for me. In my case the firs
  2. Blue Strawberry and Persisted: Thank you guys for kind words. Isotretinoin is definately a winner in my book. A short update: It has now been 4 months and 10 days since I started on iso and things are still going great. There isn't really that much to add. My skin looks pretty good eventhough I still have a few small red marks left. I also still get a minor zit every 2-3 weeks, but it'll fade and disappear quickly (as in 2-3 days or so). So my skin isn't perfect yet, just pretty good, but I'm s
  3. Hi there, Well this must be day 80 or something... almost 3 months into the course and almost half way through. My derm has kept me on 40 mg/day - he said that the normal dose for someone my size is either 40 mg/day for 6 months or 60 mg/day for 4 months. He would usually recommend the former as the side effects are less noticeable. It is my impression from reading logs in here, that the normal dose given (at least by american derms) is a lot higher. But I'm glad I'm on a lower dose, as the sid
  4. Hi styles, Nah, it was just a minor bump on the road to clear skin. I'm still very happy about the results so far. Well, I haven't posted here for some weeks now. I think this is day 53 on Isotretinoin and there is not too much to report. I still get one or two pimples a week, but they are pretty small and disappear quickly. So basically I'm almost clear these days, but then again I'm not. I don't have any active ones but I still have quite a few red marks and patches that just wont go away.
  5. Hi Megan, What a great first post. I've been on Isotretionin for one month now, and I experienced my first sideeffects after one or two days. My face became quite oily and itchy, like an army of ants were marching around all over my face. But after a week or so my face became less and less itchy. Now, a month in, it's almost like my body has adapted so well. The sideeffecs seem to disappear graduately. The only difference between right now and pre-iso is that I have dry lips (and maybe have to
  6. I don't mean to cause any alarm here, but according to Wikipedia's page on petroleum jelly it's not recomended. If you look under "Dangerous uses to avoid" you will see the following: "Nasal congestion or dryness If particles of petrolatum are inhaled from the nose, they may deposit in the lungs and lead to a condition called lipoid pneumonia, although this is usually caused by excessive use, rather than daily use." So if dryness inside the nose should become a big problem at a point, I
  7. I have also wondered about this. I have been on this stuff for a month now, and pretty much right from the start I had to get up in the night aswell. I have on a couple of occasions felt very thirsty indeed, but I don't think I drink much more now that usual. I have eaten normally - 3 meals a day and a occasional proteinshake - and is far less physically active than I was pre-tane, still I've lost around 3 kg (~ 7 lbs) in a month. Now, I haven't been counting calories or measured how much I drin
  8. Hi mooshoo, I have heard that milk could cause acne before, and I did actually cut out milk and dairy products completely from my diet for... I can't remember exactly how long, but I think it must have been around 5 or 6 months. That was about a year ago. But it did not have any positive effect on my acne whatsoever. Actually, it pretty much escalated in that peroid. Some 4-5 years ago I drank grotesque amounts of milk a day, and during that period my skin looked pretty good. So I don't think
  9. Thank you for your post, ohigyuz. Yes, all those things we have to do really suck. The most scary thing about it, however, is that I have pretty much grown accustomed to them. Staying home eventhough you want to go out, coming up with lame excuses for not meeting your friends and family, spending hours on problems because you don't wanna leave your own office and go upstairs and just ask some colleagues for help (in particular hot female colleagues :blush:). It almost seemed normal to me. It's s
  10. Hi scoligirl, thank you for posting. Yes, I am quite happy about the way things seem to be going at the moment. I really hope you will experience the same improvement in the next week or so. So far the medicine has worked wonderfully, and my only regret is that I didn't try it out years ago. The sideeffects haven't really been a problem for me, so if they don't get alot worse than this, all my concerns seems just to have prevented me for actually getting clear skin for years. Day 24 Skin
  11. Day 21 Things are still improving! I don't have any active ones at the moment, only fading red marks from old ones. Actually, my skin looks pretty good right now. By no means perfect, but soooo much better than a week ago. I am definately feeling alot better about myself already. The other day this über gorgeous woman smiled to me in the elevator, and all of a sudden I remembered: hey, I'm actually not a bad looking guy. I seem to have forgotten that in the last couple of years. But I guess
  12. Day 17 Finally some improvement I think my acne pretty much peaked as I wrote the previous post. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and felling down about the whole thing, but a mere 2-3 hours later I looked again, and I could see drastic improvement! It was almost like the Iso won the big, decisive battle right there, and now only smaller fights remain. You could almost see those red spots shrivel and dry completely. The improvement has pretty much continued ever since, slowly... e
  13. Day 12 I don't know if the IB coincided with a breakout I would have had anyway, but frankly, I don't think my acne has ever been any worse than it is right now. Every day I get between five and ten whiteheads, and my jawline, chin, and area around my mouth is looking dreadful. I must have something like 20-30 really red spots at the moment. Every time I shave, it just looks so horrible I want to put a bag over my head. I haven't been outside for three days. I can't wait til it gets better. T
  14. Best of luck, mate. I really hope you clear up quickly and can avoid worst sideeffects. Cheers.
  15. MustangBlue: Thanks alot for the kind words. And yes, hopefully around christmas we'll have put all this behind us once and for all. That would just be amazing if that could happen. lba2008: I guess we all have various tricks to hide ourselves at times. Just this saturday I called my friend who had invited me to a dinnerparty, and said I wouldn't be able to make it after all. I came up with an excuse, but the main reason was that I was breaking out badly. It's great to hear that you don't suff