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  1. yeah its ok for you too make up shit
  2. For about 2 months i went fine on the regimen clearing right up at time but now im getting zits like i have never had before. The are mostly around my mouth and are rock hard i mean really hard. So i seen 2 other creams for acne. One has 8% sulphur and the other has 2.5% salicic acid which one do you guys would work better? I gotta try something else because im not having any luck with the Bp cream anymore.
  3. yeah ive been using arnold's books for my training and nutrition.
  4. Im doing this since some other peope did like Juan. When i took this picture i was 16 and now im 18 since then i have lost most confidence since my acne hit me. http://www.phatrussian.com/pics/Picture%20097.jpg
  5. I have a container of b-5. I want to find out how many pills i should take so i need some help from you people.250mg and there are 100 pills in the bottle. So if you can tell me how many pills to take that would be greatly appreciated.
  6. do u swallow the pills or chew them?
  7. BTW when u put this stuff on its make your face feel so cold. I dont know what does that but it feels sweet.
  8. http://www.ulta.com/cgi-bin/ulta/ulta/cata....jsp?OID=308996 thats the stuff i have, it has 5% Bp in it.
  9. Same here i get maybe 3-4 spots around my mouth. If you ask me getting acne around the mouth is the worst spot and even 3 or 4 zits tottaly ruin how u look.
  10. I remember posts about people buying these but they never followed up to tell if it worked? does it?
  11. I was thinking of using a wash that contains Bp in it and then also putting bp cream on after would this help out?
  12. I get the too every morning i wake up around my mouth which is getting very annoying.