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  1. @Figjam: Thanks but I have already tried that though. Got recommended by couple of ladies friends so decided to give it a try but didn't work really well for me. Plus it was shiny as well. @bek_cogent: Thanks, i'll try that
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply I'll give it a try. I started getting dry lips about couple of weeks into the course. I started taking 20mg a day from november last year and have been a few times trying to go up to 40mg a day but my body couldn't take it at all, my cheeks and lips would become extremely red, dry, swollen and painful. So my derm suggested that I should just stay on 20mg a day and 40 mg on 2 days of the week. My skin is currently ok but my lips need lip balm on 24/7 though.
  3. Hi, I'm a 19 yrs old male living in Australia. I'm currently on 40mg a day on 2 days of the week and 20mg on the other. My lips have been extremely dry and red so I need to have lip balms on constantly throughout the day. I'm using QV lip balm with SPF 30+ and while it works well, it's really glossy to the point where my friends have been seriously asking me if I was using lip gloss/lipstick. So can anyone recommend me some good alternatives please? Cheers
  4. Hi, thanks for both replies, i used to use bp but it didnt really work so my derm prescribed retrieve cream and doxycycline for me. i ve been using it for more than a month and so far it seems to be working (or maybe im just confident). Anyways shouldnt the oily face cetaphil less irritating than the oroginal one?
  5. Hi, i have kinda moderate acne and ive been using Cetaphil Oily Face Wash as my cleanser. However i just received a bottle of "The Body Shop - Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash" as a gift and I'm not sure of which i should use or should i use both of them? Any advice? Thanks in advance Here are others stuff that i take every day: Doxycycline 50 mg 2 tablets a day Retrive Cream - Tretinoin 0.05% nightly Zinc and Vitamin E Supplement
  6. Thanks for the replies. But my derm said no moisturiser, sunscreen or any greasy stuff as it may block the pores.
  7. My dermatologist prescribed doxycycline tablets and retrieve cream (Tretinoin 0.05%) for me last week too. I take the tablets twice a day though. So far theres been not much improvement and it made my skin dry and itchy. Don't know if i should continue, any advice of what i can do?