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  1. DO you all think Acne is a result of allergic reaction?
  2. Yeah it does sting a little when u first apply the garlic juice to the blemish... but over night the blemish seems to go down for me. Thought I would share.
  3. Honey- Just read that link about oily skin and green tea. I think this is correct. I am vegan and try not to eat anything that is refined, etc. I drink green tea every morning. While I do not have severe acne, I do have a few pesky blemishes. IM going to not drink it for a week and see.
  4. Sometimes I rub Garlic on my blemishes at night after I wash my face- they look a bit better in the AM. I actually see more of a difference using garlic than BP. But my pillow smells after & my face can have a slight odor the next morning if I dont use a foaming cleanser . Does anyone else do this? Or tried it? Thoughts..? Also, is ingesting garlic good for your skin?
  5. I only pick after work or late at night... usually if something is on my mind or im lonely or bored.
  6. Hello. I have a problem. I pick at my face way too much- it makes my skin 3X's worse than it really is. I think im a bit OCD. Anyone else struggle with this? I want to do better & not worry about imperfections. Life is too short. I looked at stoppickingonme website- good stuff. Thoughts? Anything to Share?
  7. I can tell if something makes me break out cause... 1. Im in a part in my cycle where i am or is past have usually have clear skin. 2. Within 12 hrs- a day of eating it my skin is more oily and I have blemishes appearing. That is just me.
  8. Sugar (refined). Nuts- i can only take SMALL amounts Sunscreen Constipation Stress Picking at my face. Im sure there r more, but THE END for now!
  9. I know for me negativity is a downward spiral. I get upset cause I have spots on my face... then get upset with myself for being upset about something that is surface and not interior. Then I get more and more down and more deeply entrenched in myself & unhappiness with my spots. I have noticed, and im not sure if anyone else has... but when I am helping other people I forget about my face and skin issues. Ex. I volunteer at a soup kitchen- cook & talk to the homeless. When I am there
  10. Yeah I know how this is... Esp if i just aggrevated my face (picking at it)- normally i have NO problem looking people in the eyes. But if I just picked, If someone is within two feet of me, my heart feels heavy, embarrassed. I get really self concious. If I force myself to smile, sometimes I can look them in the eyes.