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  1. DAY 39 Lisa- thanks for checking in on me! I think next month I may bump up in order to get the cumulative dose. Or maybe, the last month I will just do 60 every day. We will see. I had a little scare right after my last derm appointment. He told me my WBC was really low and had dropped quite a bit before even beginning accutane. He made me retest yesterday and told me that if was the same or lower, he would take me off. Fortunately, they rose significantly and things are all good. Had my fi
  2. DAY 25 My derm appointment was yesterday and he said things are looking great! He wants to bump me up from 40 mg to alternating 40/60 daily. I told him I wanted to wait another month and see how things were, to avoid possible increased side effects. I think I will bump up after Month 2. We will see. He also told me that much of my old under the skin bumps are dead/dying nodules that may take a few months to go away. Other than that, nothing new to report. Things are still looking good and I'm
  3. I'm just entering my 4th week and haven't had any new active cysts, papules or pustules since beginning Accutane, which is basically unheard of for me. I've gotten IBs from everything, even Retin-A. I was on Retin-a for 3 years prior to Accutane though and it improved my skin tremendously. Who knows, I think I could still have an IB-- I've heard that sometimes people don't get them until the 2nd month.
  4. Your skin should respond better to topicals after Accutane. your skin looks great! If i were you, I would just spot treat. Acne is definitely very frustrating, but it is not the end of the world, it doesn't make you unattractive and it certainly doesn't make you any less of a person. hey, thanks for the advice bro Wat exactly can i use to spot treat?? From what ive heard, differein, and the creams, theyre not used to spot reduce. Im thinking of going for the dalacin t, maybe it will work
  5. Hey jd... I definitely understand how you feel. I have similar issues with my skin-- it's so easy to be so critical of yourself sometimes. I tend to get down on myself for things that are completely invisible to others. It's a weird cycle because you know it's there, you can see it and it bothers you, but no one else does and they think you're crazy- but all you want is their support. I dunno, I have to remind myself on a regular basis that it's all okay and that even if people could see the fla
  6. Your skin should respond better to topicals after Accutane. your skin looks great! If i were you, I would just spot treat. Acne is definitely very frustrating, but it is not the end of the world, it doesn't make you unattractive and it certainly doesn't make you any less of a person.
  7. DAY 18 I am not sure what's going on with my skin, but everything seems to be moving in slow motion. The teeny tiny whitehead I got at the beginning of my course FINALLY popped on its own two days ago and is now a very small red mark. My old cysts on my chin are very, very slowly inflaming more each day, but still are not noticeable (unless you are me). My chin feels like it is ready to explode, but it looks the same every day.. No new inflamed spots, even though there are some new under the sk
  8. Thanks for commenting on my log! I hope everything goes well for you the third time around. How bad did your acne come back the previous times? When do you start this course? Good luck with the laser treatment! I've never gone that route because of the expense, but i've always been curious.
  9. I hope you start feeling better soon! Your skin will clear up before you know it Sorry about all the insurance stuff- what a pain!
  10. Hi! Good luck with your appointment. Since you already have dry skin in some areas and mild acne, maybe a low dose course of accutane would be good? I've heard the side effects are greatly reduced and that it has the same effects as a higher dose course for mild acne. Keep us updated!
  11. Get this: http://www.americarx.com/Products/4727.htm...ampaign=product Best eye drops ever, way better than prescription. Use them as much as you need throughout the day (especially right when you wake up and before you go to bed). I had lasik eye surgery a few years ago and consistent use of these drops totally cleared up my bloodshot, dry, red eyes. Make sure you get the kind for severe dryness. It really does take awhile to clear up really dry eyes, so be patient Also, try to avoid strainin
  12. Hope this breakout clears up soon for you... Mine always come on the weekend too! It sucks. Good luck with your course! I'm just entering my 3rd week. I think IB's can last anywhere from 1-2 months... some people still breakout their entire course. I think the worst of the IB is usually between weeks 3 and 5, so hopefully it won't get any worse. Just think though-- now those cysts will be gone for good once this break out is over.
  13. DAY 13 Does anyone know at what point someone could safely say that they've missed the IB period? My skin looks better than it ever has before. EVER. I can't believe it. My forehead and cheeks are completely clear. I have a teeny tiny zit on my chin that has stuck around since Day 3. I also have a new very small zit on my chin- but it looks like a blackhead that is pushing out. My cheeks feel a little like sandpaper, although they look very clear. My blackheads are much more noticeable and som
  14. They do suck! aghhh... sometimes mine will eventually come to a head on their own, but they seem to sort of be flattening out now that i'm on accutane. I should've gotten a facial pre-tane. Oh well. Thanks for your answer! Things seem to be going great with your course. I'm so happy for you :)
  15. DAY 10 Things are good so far- no complaints yet. All of my active acne at the start of my course has cleared up completely! My face is looking really good right now. I've had one new really small whitehead on my chin and that's it. My dormant cysts on my chin have taken turns becoming slightly inflamed and irritated (ie: painful) but haven't flared enough to be visible. I can just feel them under my skin when I smile. Today there are a few new small whiteheads on my nose, but nothing I can't de