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  1. Day 22: Results: My acne seems to be changing. As if it's less off the big, cystic type and more of the singular whitehead or red spot. It's lessening in the huge spots filled with cysts, but becoming more prevalent with smaller spots. Also, breaking out bad on the sides of my lips, which may be because my lips are cracking open on the sides they're so chapped. Side effects: Dry skin on face and arms, hands. Dry, non-oily hair. Very VERY chapped lips. Having some back pain when at the gym.
  2. Day 12: Almost two weeks. Results: Breaking out around the mouth. Everywhere else has not changed, maybe gotten worse. It seems my IB is not over yet. Side effects: Lips now incredibly, incredibly chapped. In fact the corners of my lips are starting to cut and bleed, it's horrible. The skin around my mouth is really, really flaky even if I do apply lotion. Ugh.
  3. Great to hear that you're having success man. I started about 10 days ago and can't wait.
  4. Yeah, I suppose the IB means that our medication is doing SOMETHING, so it must be working. I take a zinc supplement because it was recommended on these boards. In my experience, it doesn't necessarily keep acne from coming, but it does speed up the healing process a whole lot. A pimple can come in one day, I'll pop it, and then within even 24 hours after a good night's sleep, sometimes you can't even tell it was ever there. I used to take a lot of vitamin A supplements before accutane,
  5. Hey dude, we started on the same day. Hope everything is going alright. I'm having something of an IB also.
  6. I'd wash twice a day, but only apply a topical at night. Lotion/moisturizer during the day. That's what I do.
  7. Thanks everyone for the supportive replies. I am moving away for college on Saturday so I am busy at the moment, it takes me a few days to update. First I'll address AdultOnAccutane's question. I took it almost exactly two years ago. I remember being very clear for about six months before back and chest started to break out again. Another two months and I started having the mild breakouts on my face again, and they just got worse and worse back to the point they were before the treatment. I
  8. I don't know Iliad, I'd rather deal with other problems. Even if they were "worse" I would probably be happier.
  9. Day 4: Side Effects - Skin just BEGINNING to flake and dry. Lips just barely, BARELY chapping. I got some aquaphor and cetaphil to combat this. The biggest and most irritating side effect was the very very bad nosebleed I got today. I wonder if maybe my course of b5 before the accutane may lessen my side effects because I was already a little bit dry. Results - Had a little IB but it wasn't bad at all. At this point not much has changed. Neck might look A LITTLE better.
  10. Throughout my life, I have always recognized that as a single problem, Acne was the most devastating issue, the one that bothered me most, was on my mind the most, the one that I gave the most effort to.
  11. I try not to let it affect my social interactions unless I have a particularly bad time. However, talking to girls is a different story. Acne ruins my confidence there, because otherwise I know I would have it. When I consider talking to a girl, the first and only think running through my mind preventing it is acne, nothing else.
  12. That would be great. I don't think much would change, except I would go out more, I would take my shirt off more, and I'd be smiling more.
  13. I frequently think about how cool it would be to take all my existing acne and put it all on my foot or on my leg or some place where it wasn't obvious. That would be great.
  14. I think you may have Folliculitis. Do a search for it with the search feature of the forum, there's some posts with a wealth of information. What I can tell you off the top of my head is that Head and Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo may help you. Apply it to your back in the shower and let it sit on your skin for a good five minutes before washing it off. Try this for three weeks or so, starting with once a day and moving gradually to twice per day. Some people leave a thin film of it on ov
  15. I am happy with every single other element of my life except for my skin. If acne was not an issue, I would not have one problem to worry about. It's the only issue I ever think about now. Everything else is fine and I'm pretty happy, acne just takes things I should be happy about and makes me apprehensive about them, like spending time with my girlfriend.