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  1. i have these tiny flesh like bumps and i treat them as acne (closed comedones) and i don't know weither they are that or the type of fungal infection resembling acne?? what is exactly the difference??? i have a moderate case of acne and i'm on accutane it seems to have taken care of all my cysts aand pimples xcept these tiny bumps they can be seen when i stretch my skin and they are hard some of then are red and some form somekind of a white head which can be removed easily when i scrub my
  2. heyy jamie i'm on the 2nd week on accutane so i am no expert but from others i understand that 40 mg is not too high at all my friend was on 60 mg for 9 months!! and she's now one year after with crystal clear skin and none of the side effects u said and anyhow what is done is done and enjoy your skin if week skin really troubles you can take supplements (vit A, B-complex, E and C) they are very good for improving your skin