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  1. thats comedonal acne. i used to have a major attack of those myself. i find that a change in diet and drinking lots of water helped reduce them a great deal. oh yeah..and you can get them from over irritating your skin.
  2. your acne is to mild to even worry about. just keep doing what you are doing, and you can ice the small blemishes every other night to help reduce redness more quickly.
  3. i get these when i over work my face (aka over exfoliate or over moisturize)
  4. i personally think that any product that claims to clear acne, is bullshit. most acne products make acne worse, from what i have seen and experienced. i have used vitamin B5 for acne, and that has worked great for me.
  5. those will fade significantly over time. guaranteed.
  6. i think this is a great idea. i have always hated BP. however, be aware that products from the body shop arent exactly natural. if you read the ingredient list, its full of chemicals that you can hardly even pronounce. i think buying the 100% tea tree oil was the right thing to do, but i'd second think the product lines from places like the body shop.
  7. so sick of this question. its different for everyone.
  8. vitamin E and vitamin A are absorbed best when they are taken together as a pair, but there is nothing wrong with just taking vitamin E on its own. as far as the zinc, i believe that 2 capsules of 50mg is enough, but i have not really experiences with zinc to much. i usually just take the recommended dose that is shown on the back and that seems to do the job. you can indeed poke a hole in the vitamin E capsule and apply it to newly-popped zits and the redness is reduced slightly and it helps
  9. I SECOND THIS. works a charm. you'd be damned.
  10. closed comedones are a good sign of dry skin asking to be fed moisturizer.
  11. i never let the water from the shower head directly hit my face. i usually cup the water and splash it on my face.