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  1. not really... these things vary from culture to culture and even in the same culture over time. there is one culture where fat women are sexy and the girls family will make her sit in a hut and eat very fattening foods for months to fatten her up so they can marry her off. that is just one example. also there are cultures where shorter people are considered more attractive, others where tallness is more attractive. they might seem "universally accepted" to you but there is a lot more to th
  2. i started using b.p. lotion for my acne like a month ago, well it worked, my skin was as clear as it has been in like forever, but i read some stuff on here that some people found that using nothing also worked, so i decided to try the nothing method and see if it also works. this was like a week ago i guess, since then i have used nothing on my face except water. welll my skin is breaking out which i pretty much expected cuz whenever you change anything of course you have this huge breakout.
  3. hiya welcome to the site.. this site is addicting :) hope you clear up soon...

  4. rheumatoid arthritis and cocaine addiction and teen pregnancy and child abuse. and others.
  5. That was the weirdest music video I've ever seen. What's up with the pig costume and the one guy choking the girls when he sings to them (if you call that singing). =P yeah i kno!!! it seems like it should be a joke but i think they are serious. he sounds like he swallowed an electric guitar or something. ... i think he is chokin them b/c he is mad that they wouldn't get fukin freaky with him.
  6. i saw something earlier that reminded me of this thread. these have to be the dorkiest guys (in a bad way) that I have ever seen. but my boyfriend's little sister thinks they are HOTT!! i was like, wtf.
  7. i'm about to turn 21, and unemployed... the last job i had was as a waitress at an italian buffet and i quit b/c my co workers were sexually harassing me... that was like 3 years ago.. now i just go to college. i'm not really able to work b/c i have severe anxiety and stuff... i'm going to school to be a medical technologist so once i graduate i will be able to get a job in a lab somewhere and not have to really deal with people. which will be fine. 'customer service' type jobs aren't for
  8. i'm really pale too. it sux havin red marks on my face and stuff... they never go away.
  9. i don't sleep in my makeup or anything b/c i heard that it's bad, but, just curious, WHY is it so bad? why is it ok to wear makeup during the day but not while asleep? is it just b/c of leaving it on for so many hours without taking it off?
  10. if it is in your pubes, then it could be an ingrown hair. if it's actually on your penis then i have no idea.
  11. i don't think that depression has anything to do with acne, for me.. i used to be depressed but it was mostly b/c of my parents and stuff and not really my acne. since i am in college & moved out on my own and control my own life i feel a lot happier most of the time. but nooooooo i don't really give a shit as far as worryin about people thinking i'm ugly or whatever. even though i have bad skin and all i am still prettier than most of the people i see at wal mart or whatever so who cares
  12. i know how you feel!!! i want to be pretty too!! i have a couple friends who have acne, my best friend & my brother both do, but still. so many people in my life with their perfect skin it drives me crazy. my boyfriend barely does anything to his face and he has beautiful perfect skin. it's not fair. i want to be able to take a picture of myself and look good in it without having to do all kinds of crazy stuff to it to make it look like i don't have acne.