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  1. i'm 4 months on the regiman and i would say im close to being almost clear but on my cheek, mostly my left i continually have one or two pimples. Now these ones are deep i the skin, you can sort of see a darker tint when the begin to come towards the surface but it usually takes like a week for it to come to the top, sometimes it comes to a whitehead but not always. Any idea what i'm dealing with? and how to go about killing these suckers. i use aha+ as well on them. But i've never had these bef
  2. Is it okay once i'm almost clear to back down from 2 pumps to 1 pump? i heard this was okay
  3. look of some of the remedies to clearing oily skin. 1 shot apple cider vinegar per day. lots of vitamin b. just do a search on it. should work for ya!
  4. can u give me the link to that video, i cant find it
  5. ok ya i do drool when i sleep and im applying everything moderately gently. i dont use BHA right now. everything im doing seems on point. i use aha before bed and sometimes my cheeks stick to my pilow a little bit, i think its cuz the aha is a little sticky
  6. So i've been on the regiman for 5 months now. does anyone think i've seen all the improvement possible? i was thinking of going down to once a day now because im 85% clear and its been this way for 2 months now. my left cheek always has 2 or 3 little bumps with no heads. not really sure what to do at this point. i also use aha
  7. okay so every part of my face is clear and mostly remains clear except my left cheek. i get little inflamed bumps on them that are beginning to become noticeable. I have no idea how to take care of these. they could be little blackheads but i dont know what to do. ive been on the regiman for 5 months now and i use aha +. i'm at 2 full pumps of BP. any suggestions at all as to why i'm not clear and how i could maybe get rid of these little suckers. also how would i go about getting rid of little
  8. I have little bumps, under my skin that take a long time to go away, they dont really hurt or anything but does anyone know what i could use to get them outa there. There on my cheeks got like 3 or 4 of them. usually after being on the regiman i only get these once every other week so im about 85 90% clear. i already use aha every night too.
  9. What do you guys think about using both of these at night instead of just one. I feel like my skin could use a little extra moisture. Would you apply seperatley like moisturizer then aha or vise verse or would you add a little aha to the moisterizer and knock it out in one shot?
  10. When you take the b5 pills do you take 8 total per day? and also will flax oil work as well instead of fish oil?
  11. What do people think of this product. Does it help with redness at all? shaving seems to be doing fine for me right now. I hear this might help with oily skin. I'm going to start using olay all day complete and i hear dropping a couple drops of this stuff can help balance oily skin. Any help would be great
  12. Thanks guys, have been doing that for 4 days now. 100% clear all over. instant changes
  13. i just have problems with shiny skin during the day probably 4 or 5 hours after i apply everything, it gets pretty oily. olay you think would be better?
  14. dans moisturizer vs olay complete spf 15? what do people think, i have pretty oily skin
  15. The right side of my face is 100% looks great however the left side hasn't cleared up that much. probably 50% and i've been on the regimen 4 months now. I have also been using aha the past month and havent seen improvement with that either. Should i maybe apply more BP, i use one full pump. Help me!