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  1. ernestoria i just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to go on this journey with you. I hope you can now enjoy your new Journey in life with a smile on your face and joy in your soul:)

  2. how did the scar treatment go

  3. Dear All, I am a bit overwhelmed by reading all the last comments on here, I had not logged on for a couple of months and It is very moving to see how documenting my journey has given hope to many of you. That really makes me really happy. Apologies for not being in touch recently, life has turned a bit hectic lately. I have lots of private messages and I will be responding to those in the coming days. If I dissapear again for a while please be patient, I will always come back. In terms of an
  4. I sent u a pm please respond if u forgot

  5. Hi Ernesto Just wondering what "PRP" means Look it up on this forum. It stands for PLATELETS RICH PLASMA. Basically, the Dr takes a sample of your blood and separate and concentrate the growth factors that are contained in your own blood and then inject that back into the scar tissue which trigger a scar regeneration and healing process. PRP is proven to work great in acne scaring and also in other type of problems such as bone repain, tendoditis, etc.
  6. Is the PRP treatment injections? If so would there be any downside to getting it done before the damage the lasers will cause? I will be getting this done for sure when my FALL semester is over and since the treatment is not offered in the USA I will be traveling to DR.Kahn. Dr Khan suggest to have PRP 6 weeks before the laser and also straigt after. He argues that the growth factors on the PRP injections will prepare the skin for the laser damage and help it heal and enhance the healing pr
  7. Hi Everyone, Just touching base with all of you again and bringing some news: I visited the Dr a couple of weeks back to check progress and plan next steps. I told him I wanted to go through the whole thing again aiming to get as close to perfection as possible. He suggested to do PRP 6 weeks before the Fraxel and right after the Fraxel this time round, which I will do. So, I have booked the PRP for November 12th and 6 weeks later (around Xmas time again) to go again through teh Fraxel Repair
  8. Hey Buddy No, I didnt suffer of any hyperpigmentation or any other side effects, but I completely understand where you are coming from. In London ,I visited 5 other Doctors before visiting Dr Khan and they all refused to carry out laser treatment on me due to my skin type. It was only Dr Khan who said that he would be comfortable carrying out the treatment, but he did warned me of the risks, but at the same time he said he would ensure all measures would be taken to reduce the risk. So, I went
  9. Hi, Dr Khan has both lasers. He is very experienced in using laser technology. So, to answer your question: I had Fraxel Re:Pair. I found him by looking up doctors on the Fraxel website.
  10. Hi All, As many of you know, I also have a thread on which I have documented in detail my journey with Dr Khan. For those of you that dont know the story, is simple: I had severe scaring all over my face as the result of ACNE and on December 2009 I had a combination of treatments with Dr Khan. 8 months later I can state that my overall improvement is of 75% and that I am very pleased with the results, to such a extend that I will even repeat it all over again this December with the adittion of
  11. Ohhh and by the way.... For some of you that have been reading Faizal's thread on his Stem Cells Treatment with Dr Khan, just a couple of warnings: As you know Faizal went to Dr Khan and requested Stem Cells treatment on his nose to get rid of a scar that it is NOT the result of acne and is placed above the nose' cartilage. Faizal didnt get the 80% results he expected with just ONE (1) alone treatment and he then went on to demand money back from Dr Khan and it seems things got a bit difficu
  12. Hi guys, So, here I go... I tried to make as much space as possible without having to remove the old pics and the after treatment pics because I think that is what most people would like to see. So, I have room for 2 final pics which I took last week. Once again, to kill all negative comments. YES, I HAD ABOUT 75% improvement overall as a result of combining treatments: Subcision, Fraxel and ReCell and Stem Cells 3 months later. Yes, initially I had about 90% improvement but after 8 months al
  13. Hi, thanks for your messages, specially all the lovely private messages. I am glad to hear that for some people my thread, time and effort have been worthy. I think I know now how to optimise my pic storage space on here. Tonight when I get back home I will delete some of the old pics I have uploaded before to free up some space and will upload the new ones. I have taken them with exactly the same lighting, angle and even time of the day. And as I have always said... "if you dont believe, just