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  1. You have to make your move soon. Otherwise, she will just consider you a friend. Hear me...
  2. This regimen does work. I like it because I have very mild acne and I think the "less is more" part pertains to people with mild acne. Thumbs up, Botchla...
  3. You answered your question in your post. That Botchla Regimen thing is SA and BP.
  4. How many people here have companions? In other words, how many people are having sex on a daily basis? We don't know each other personally, so please don't be afraid to answer. I am trying to figure out if lack of sex is a cause of acne? I know there will be some people who have sex and have acne. I know there will be people who don't have sex and have acne. I am trying to see the majority.
  5. I am very pleased to hear that a girl walked up to you. Where were you that she wanted to walk with you?
  6. It's not even the fact that he is 14 and it will go away. When you are 14 you get acne. When you are in your 20's and beyond, that is when you start worrying.
  7. Call her up and ask her to hang out. This girl sounds like she wants to fuc%. If she gets turned off by your mug, then so be it.
  8. Are you people out of your minds? You would really rub lemons on your face? Come on now, let's be real...
  9. You're 15, RELAX. When you hit your 20's then start worrying about acne.
  10. I frequent a few other messageboards on the net and this is the only messageboard where 99% of the people have perfect grammar. I know this has nothing to do with acne at all.
  11. I now have mild acne, nothing that really bothers me to the point where I am anti-social. However, I can have no acne/scars on my face if I do the following two things. 1. I have bangs and where the hair touches my forehead I have zits. The zits are covered up by the bangs. Feel me 2. I can grow a beard to cover up the scars. I realize if I cut my bangs I will have no zits. The problem is I like my bangs. Is there a shampoo that makes hair not cause acne? I know there have been posts about g