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  1. Hi everyone, If you go back to my posting history, you can see that not too long ago, I was asking the effectiveness of Paula's Choice 2% BHA and Dan's AHA. My worries arised because I didn't want that many products on my face at once. I took the plunge and bought both--there's no price on good skin, to me. I won't lie, I did have some really dry areas around my t-zone of my face during the first few days of doing this routine. My acne ranges from small bumps to medium, although compared to ma
  2. To make a long story short, I've been on Dan's regimen for at least two years. I gently cleanse, use BP, and then moisturize. Twice daily. When I break out, they're usually small, red bumps with some blackheads on my nose. Never much bigger than half the size of a pea. What I've noticed is that while this stabilizes my acne, it doesn't actually penetrate that well, and I also need to change cleansers. I don't honestly think it's *enough* to keep the acne away and get rid of old acne (Like I said