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  1. Hi everyone, I haven't posted or been to these boards much in a few years, but I happened on this thread and ended up ordering the Daphne filler, and I wanted to share my experience with everyone. Initially I was a bit disappointed with this product and as of now the jury is still out for me. But I do have a little more hope after reading other people's tips and especially Rupert's web site (thanks Rupert). I also discovered a new technique tonight that has helped a lot (for me), and I wante
  2. No, you don't need to have this done by a professional -- what the poster is describing doesn't go very deep at all. And you don't need to have your face numbed either.
  3. I've done some more research on Matridex, the semi-permanent/permant hyaluronic acid based filler. I've discovered some very interesting things. This filler seems to combine some of the best aspects of resytlane and Artecoll or maybe New-Fill... Microscopic dextran beeds are suspendended within the biogradable hyaluronic acid gel. These beads are act like the PMMA microspheres contained in Artecoll (in that they stimulate college production) but the notable difference is that the dextran bead
  4. Thats a great post Olbarn, very funny too... I couldn't agree more. Why do people become Doctors -- to cater to people's vanity? Or to heal people that have been f*cked up by a disease that wasnt their fault? It makes me so mad , or maybe bitter, I dunno... Maybe theres an element of vanity in wanting your face back to what it was, pre-scars.... But I can assure you I have nothing in common with the people who want fat sucked out of them because they're too lazy to excersize or eat well,
  5. The results you get depend on the type of scar you have, and of course the skill of the doctor. It doesnt surprise me that your deep scar is almost fixed and your shallow scars aren't. Injectibles can only prop up a scar, so if your scars resides in the superficial layer of the skin, the injectibles cannot affect it much, though some can more than others. From what I've heard, LIS is actually injected superficially compared to other injectables.
  6. Don't know much about lasers in So. Cal., but lasers are pretty ineffective for acne scars, especially for how much they cost. If I lived in Southern California, i think my scars would be pretty much eradicated by now, since the two most effective scar treatments are offered by clinics in the area: exoderm by Dr Rullan in San Diego, and Bio-Alacamid injections at clinestetica in Tijuana, Mex. If your scars aren' t that bad, I can understand wanting to do something minimally invasive like a non
  7. I could be wrong about this, but I thought the medical tax deduction can be claimed only for expenses that EXCEED 7.5% of gross income. So if you made $40,000, you could only the deduct the amount that exceeds $3000 (which is 7.5% of $40,000). Also, wouldn't you have to itemize to claim the medical expense deduction anyway? Alot of people are better of just taking the standard deduction. I could be wrong on how this works, but I remember looking into it a few years ago and realizng it wasnt
  8. I havent posted, or even visited in a while, I hope everyone is doing ok. My results from Bio-alcamid are still better than everything else I've tried, up to this point. Bio-alcamid, is better than artecoll, no matter what type of scars you have. I agree w/ Rusty .... I think Anna can get better results with facial wasting than acne scars. When she told me that all my scars were treatable with bio-alcamid, i was a bit disheartened, because i know enough, and have dealt with this long enou
  9. Dr. Rullan, who I also saw when i was in the area, said not to expect Bio-Alcamid in the States sooner than about ten years. Mary, it is available in Tijuana, so its as good as being in the US, if you are in California. At the clinic, the receptionist seemed to think it was a money thing in the States, where they want to just provide non-permant injectables so that people will have to go back again and again for touchups. I'm not sure about that, but I'm sure the FDA has its priorities and in
  10. Rusty, my "pimples" also weren't red like regular pimples and they seemed to be in a pretty deep layer of the skin.
  11. I didn't mention it in my earlier post, but I actually had Bio-alcamid injected about a week and a half ago... a feel now like I have a pretty good idea of what my results are, and i can say it worked almost as well as I thought it would, though I am bit dissapointed with the number of scars that WEREN"T done --(admittedly I do have a lot of scars) but I actually got the impression before I went out there that she would work a bit longer on my face given that i flew across the country and pai
  12. Most of the fillers that dissapate over time do not claim to be permanent, so it makes no sense for someone who's had these injections done to then be dissapointed when they in fact are absorbed by the body, just like advertised -- the deception w/ some of the fillers comes in when they tell you it will last for a year or more, or whatever, but really it is mostly absorbed within a few months (ie, bovine collagen, restalyn, perlane, etc... ). Or in the case of Artecoll, where the collagen port
  13. there's a guy that does Smoothbeam out of the Allentown area, for a decent price, and he's a nice guy...maybe thata too far for you.
  14. there's a guy that does Smoothbeam out of the Allentown area, for a decent price, and he's a nice guy...maybe thata too far for you.