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  1. Doxycyclin and differin is what im using right now..and omg does it dry out your skin!! its funny to me cause its a low dose but it still dos that...and ive taken much higher doses of it before
  2. ok so the type of ance that looks like small flesh colored bumps.. Im having issues with my doctors cause they all say different things and so far none of it works. and the doctor i saw yesterday said i should do oral antibiotics and differin...but the doctor i saw before that said that oral antibiotics wouldnt help with the kind of acne i have, so im confused. Right now she has me on oral antibiotics, and differin twice a day. Has anyone ever tried this and it worked? i mean people with the sam
  3. yah im on epilepsy meds and they kinda make my body go coo-coo lol but my doctor said its probably pityrosporum folliculitis....which sounds really sucky but idk im going to a real derm. this week FINALLY one thats not just a nurse. Hopefully i'll know by then
  4. ok so when ii first started using differin it made me break out alot (of course) but after a couple months it made my skin almost 100% clear.. but now it stopped working and my skin is worse than it was when i first started :/ did my skin just get use to it so it stopped working? Anyone else have this problem with differin?
  5. Has anyone had good results with chemical peels? or did it just make your acne worse?
  6. Kittykat18


    Honestly, I would say you have more to fear when your on spiro. Id go with antibiotics first.
  7. You mean antibiotics and such? I have epilepsy and take alot of meds for that, so my doc said i cant take anything else..and the topicals dont work for me :/
  8. I agree with everyone. Your ance is not bad at all, you should feel blessed that you dont have much lol Proactiv is a load of crap. Yah it works for some people, but it eventually stops working. Thats what happened to everyone i know thats used it, including myself. Id say luckily for you, you can just pick a regimen and youll be fine. You shouldnt need any topicals but you can always get the quick fix gels or creams from target or where ever you choose.
  9. Id choose somthing other than retin-a. It takes a long time to show results..and it doesnt really do much either. Id go with differin it works much better. and yah id agree with the "no bar soap" comments too.
  10. ugh :/ that what i thought. i HATE initial breakouts and had so many trying to switch things around im not gonna try it. MY face it bad enough already. And has anyone ever had the problem of having to wait a long time to see an actual dermotologist (i mean the doctor doctor)? Not a P.A...cause its hard for me to get an appointment with the real dermo. doc all i ever get is the stupid nurses and im sick of them >:/
  11. ok so im using metrogel right now and using a salicylic acid facewash (by aveeno) and of course i calming moisturizer. But im thinking about switching to a BP facewash and im just wondering, would that be too much? I mean if I switch to BP with that make my skin flare up?
  12. oh god i really hope i dont have to just "live" with it My acne is pretty much a side effect of the meds im taking...and the topicals dont work and my doctor told me i cant be on any other kind of meds..including antibiotics and such yay for me right?
  13. What happens when you cant use topical stuff or antibiotics? or any oral meds of any kind... What are your options then?