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  1. I have oily skin and am looking for a new moisturizer and would like to know if it would be OK for me to use...i see it contains Mineral Oil, which usually isn't good for Oily skin. Please advise...thanks
  2. Try MARY KAY'S OIL MATTIFIER. The best product for oil i've EVER encountered.
  3. ...start Accutane? I have VERY VERY oily skin, and can't take it anymore! I know i break out before of it....would Accutane help me??
  4. I was on it for about 5 months, but after that it was a little too expensive to keep up. I loved it though.
  5. The more i wash my face, the oilier it becomes so i choose to only wash it with a cleanser before i go to bed. In the morning i just splash water on my face.
  6. I wouldn't recommend it. I doubt a couple of sessions will really help all that much anyway.
  7. I always wash my face straight after chlorinated water.
  8. I just use my Cetaphil cleanser
  9. I use Mary Kay's Mattifier: http://www.marykay.com/skincare/specificne...00/default.aspx I put it on after i moisturize in the morning, and then apply makeup on top of it. It's awesome!! Try it out..i know you'll love it I usually buy it off amazon or ebay for a fraction of the price. ($6 bucks or so_
  10. I use the Superfit pretty much daily and have been using for years and that's the only liquid makeup i'll ever use on my face.
  11. 1) Wear a thin layer of Revlon's ColorStay Liquid foundation if you can find a close match. There's a dry skin and combination/oily skin formula. HTH I use Clinique Super fit liquid foundation before i put on EM but my questions is, doesn't the liquid foundation defeat the purpose of using mineral makeup on your face?? I've tried it alone, and i just feel naked and conscious if i don't have my Clinique face on...hehe....
  12. Milk like diary or just milk itself? lol