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  1. Honestly, i'm seeing results after the first night. I definitely recommend this!
  2. I just bought some today, the 40% delitin or whatever one. It's on my face now, I have a huge cyst under my lip and I want to kill it soon, it's been here for a week. How long did it take you mameha to get full results? I'm going to come back on here in the morning or the next day and tell how it worked for me, but im excited! cory.
  3. Okay, so my senior prom is coming up and under my bottom lip, if i push out with my tongue theres two really big white bumps that are like not coming to a head yet, but are painful. I don't know what to do, what can I do to hopefully dry these out before they come to a head? I have the 'drying cream' from mario badescu, but it doesn't really work, I have the refining mask from proactive too, ive been using that and it maybe have seemed to make it a little smaller, but it's starting to get red n
  4. I clicked on this thread because every time i party, i wake up with a new breakout. I swear, when I drink beer i always have pimples on my lips, and those are disgusting. I also seem to break out when theres marijuana present. It sucks, it really does, and i've considered drinking beer with a straw to keep it away from my lips, haha.
  5. does anyone sometimes seem to get like little holes in your skin after a pimple is popped or wiped away? when i remove my whiteheads or just pimples, they usually wipe off after a hot shower. it seems they always leave a disgusting hole, and i'm wondering if this happens to anyone else? i'm currently going to put some antibiotic on it (neosporen) and see what happens. any suggestions?
  6. alright, well i've never actually had 'acne', i've just had a random 3-4 pimples around my face. my cheeks are great, forhead perfect, nose great, but chin and upper lip - awful. i've noticed, when i get pimples around my mouth and in that area, they take absolutely forever to heal and always leave a redmark that lasts for months. also, BP, acid of any kind, just nothing seems to work in that area anymore, possibly because i've used it too much? I honestly don't know, my mom tells me that i u
  7. I agree, i read about this not too long ago and i've been trying it about 3 days ago. it stings, and makes your skin and pimples really red at first, but after you rinse and moisturize, it looks a lotttt better. definitely worth trying if any of you want a quick fix or want to lighten your red/brown marks.
  8. i'm sharing my experience with you with a product i tried and telling you about it to your benefit, no need to be harsh. it's a good gel
  9. I heard some good stuff about this product over the internet and the boards here, but i'm scared to try it because of some people saying it gave them horrible breakouts, but others saying it made them completely clear in just 3 days. i bought the bottle online and its here, but i'm scared to try it. i was thinking to maybe just use it as a spot treatment. it's the aqua glycolic cleanser... any suggestions or ideas, i want to try it but im not sure if i should or not. share your experiences i g
  10. Ive been here on the boards for a long time, just never posted, and just reading people's post and i'd like to thank everyone for the help. well, a week or so ago i broke out the worst ive ever broken out in my entire life. it's not really too bad, but just big pimples here and there, red spots left over from other pimpes, and everything. it's really annoying, senior year in highschool and i want my face nice and clear, you know? ive tried absolutely everything, proactive, tons of step routine