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  1. guys please help me with this. i'm asking all over the board and no one answers me fist of all: im really happy for all you guys rolling and seeing improvements, congrats i think we all owe a little bit to lamarr as he popularized dermoriling here (as far as I know) so here's my question: Do you guys use any Topical with dermaroling (ie Retin-A) If so, wich one ? How long between rolling and applying topical ? Much appreciate who helps me here ktnks
  2. are you using any topical with the dermarolling ? if yes, wich one and how long do you wait until your needling and the use of topical ? tnks dude and congrats.
  3. As nobody answered me on the threats i'm opening a topic looking for help, so: can I needle and use retin-a or should I wait some time after needling to use it ? If I have to wait, how long would be that ? I hope someone help me here as this is a really fast reply and I'll be forever pleased. ktnksbye
  4. can i use retin-a with a salicylic acid soap to wash my face before retin-a? i ask this bc i use this soap for about 4 years and i dont want to quit it, but if i need to use retin-a i can alternate the days. tnks guys
  5. another question: can i use retin-a with a salicylic acid soap ? i ask this bc i use this soap for about 4 years and i dont want to quit it, but if i need to use retin-a i can alternate the days. tnks guys
  6. After needling how long should I wait 2 use Retin-A ?
  7. I was looking for some info about needling and i found this article wich i've thought very interesting. So, this doc gives thumbs up for needling - i did not tried it yet but nowadays i belive it might be the best (and safier) thing for scar - i´ve tried fraxel before but i didn´t liked it that much, besides that the result was insatisfatory (i think lasers can lead to good results but they´re dangerous, you have few or no control about the result and they´re expensive - that´s a point of v
  8. One question: as my skin starts to form scabs, i can keep using sunscreen over it, right ?
  9. Well it might be around 10k because she had rhinoplasty done, the treatments done for her scars would be at most 4k, that is not too bad. The improvement on her scars is huge, perhaps for other people it is not but personally her scars looked on the severe side in comparison to mine, keep in mind this is just one month post-op she still has months of improvments to go and so far so good. i think it worthed, i see improvement and i give thumbs up for co2, but i think that 10k is a lot of money.
  10. I've always tough that something like Co2+dermabrasion or Co2+Subcision could lead to a satisfactory result, tough I truly believe that getting 100% rid os scars is almost impossible. I believe that is possible to soft them and make them became estetical,i mean, you look to them, see them but they don't bother you. I also think that to achieve a satisfactory results we would spent something like 2 years computing treatment + healing. I've saw some pics of ppl who did 2 total fx (deep+active) an
  11. bob, take a look at the ACV threat ( http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Apple-Cid...ic-t108428.html ) it might help you a lot. u can try retin-a too but i've heard much more improvement from acv than any other stuff for red marks.
  12. its one of the better co2 fractionals out there...better then the mixto thats for sure..very good system be patient tho...wait at least 2 months after ur last treatment before u decide on whether or not u like the results Hello Icare, thank you for replying. It's really good to hear that. After posting this treat I continued surfing and i've just found another clinic where they do deep fx/active fx from UltraPulse. Now I have another doubt: wich one should i chose ? (between sm
  13. Hello guys. I live in São Paulo, Brazil and i'm dealing with my acne scar since the beggining of the year. I've done fillers and pixel ttment so far. Some of you guys know me. Anyway, i'm looking for CO2 laser ttment now and i found a clinic that uses SmartXide. You guys think its a good choise ? Anyone here did it ? Please, i really need u guys help, i mean, CO2 laser are deep and i want to do something secure. So, any help is welcome. Thank you very very much.
  14. i'm really happy for you man ! i mean, this is what everybody who came here wants, this is so great. i'm also happy to hear that some ttment works and we can try it. anyway, go out, have fun, work hard and live ur life for the best. don't forget us and give some updates about ur healing. congrats man.
  15. hey femme. im doing pixel laser ttment and my situation is just like yours. my scars are a little more red but they seem to have a different color everyday. this weekend it was very red and today they are more balanced with my skin color. i think that maybe it has something to do with the weather: it was really cold this weekend and today the temperature is normal. the areas of my skin where there is no scar and the laser was applied improvead a lot, it is more shiny and white, but at same time