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  1. Is your "theory" based on any actual evidence, or is it just some baseless claim? I could just as easily say that the things you outline in your "theory" don't happen.
  2. The fact is that there are some people that the old moisturizer works better for, and some that the new one works better for. Why pretend that the new moisturizer is what's best for everyone when it isn't? I know that ideally Dan would like to have a single moisturizer product that really is the best moisturizer for everyone. This is a great goal, and I hope he continues working toward it, but it's clear that right now we aren't there yet. Right now, the best he can do to serve the needs of the
  3. I would love to have the old moisturizer back as well. Just tried Cetaphil recently as a replacement, but it is terrible compared to Dan's old moisturizer. It's unfortunate that I have to try to find a substitute for a product that already worked for me!
  4. I live in the US, but this spring I'll be going to Japan for about 5 months. What is the easiest way for me to continue the Regimen in Japan? Will they let me take a bunch of 16oz bottles on the plane (I'm guessing no)?
  5. I am familiar with the problem you are describing, but this one is completely different. Applying the moisturizer wouldn't irritate my eyes; The irritation would gradually build throughout the day while having the moisturizer sitting on my face. Anyway, last week I found a little bit of dan's old moisturizer and decided to perform a little test. I applied the old moisturizer everywhere on my face that was at or above eye level (not close around the eyes obviously), and applied the new moisturiz
  6. I have been using the new moisturizer since Dan released it in September. However, I also recently noticed that often my eyes are now a little red, and sometimes even sting a bit to the point where I need to rinse them out with water. Before I started using the moisturizer my eyes never had redness or irritation problems; I have multiple pictures of myself where my eyes look normal. This could be a coincidence, but it seems like there is at least a decent chance that the new moisturizer is the c
  7. Try improving air circulation while applying the bp by opening a window, door, etc.
  8. Only skimmed your post because it's so long, but my eyes sting when applying bp to my face too sometimes. I've found that having good air circulation in the room while applying helps. I'll open a window, door, etc.
  9. Yes. The expiration date is imprinted on the top of the AHA tube.
  10. I recently ordered a bottle of jojoba oil and noticed that it doesn't have a printed expiration date on it like ones that I've ordered in the past. Why?
  11. I stopped mid-July, and it gradually got worse until about October-November where it was as bad as ever.
  12. Sorry to bump this old thread, but I need help. I stopped using bp like I said in the op and have just been using cleanser + moisturizer until now. Unfortunately, my acne returned and is as bad as ever. I want to start using bp again, but I absolutely want to make sure that my face doesn't stay red and flaky when using lots of bp. I was thinking there would be two main ways to achieve this; First, building up to the full amount of bp over a period of 5 weeks as shown in this video (4 weeks +
  13. No, I haven't. I personally wouldn't want to go without it, but it's something I'll try if nothing else works. That's unfortunate. I don't like the idea of taking even moderately large amounts of zinc to stay clear because of the negative health effects that may have. I wish I could just get the 12 hours of being outside, but that's simply impossible at this time of year (I wouldn't even be getting 10 hours if I got up at sunrise and stayed outside until sunset XD), and my lifestyle jus
  14. I get somewhat sleepy at bedtime, but it can sometimes take me 30-60min (guessing here) to actually fall asleep. I often wake up at least once during the night to go to the bathroom, but I don't turn any lights on (it isn't pitch black in the house at night so I can still find my way around). Sometimes I just wake up at night because my face feels irritated, it's an itchy feeling and it can be hard for me to fall back asleep again. I'm not using an alarm clock right now because I'm on break, but