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  1. I was just wondering seeing as it happened a lot to me over the past few years, what does everyone here (acne sufferers) do when your friends know you have acne yet they always wanna go out and eat acne aggravating food? I've had plently of days where me and my friends would go out and get something to eat and almost all of the time they'd say something along the lines of 'lets get some chips', or 'mcdonalds food' and drinking lots of fizzy drinks and junk food. They never get fat or get acne
  2. Well my parents used to pretend that my acne wasn't there at first but that was before I told them I wanted to get treatment for it. Nowadays, my dad says something along the lines of 'its not working, tell the doctor that the medicine he gave you isn't working' and I'm like WTF!. Just because I've started to get treatment for my acne, he (my dad) now expects to see perfect skin in just a few months. And the thing is on my face, I've only ever really had 1 or 2 pimples max while I've been on an
  3. Er definite YES. I wouldn't dream of taking my shirt/t-shirt off in front of other people when I need to change into sports gear! Its one of the main reasons why I didn't join any of the sports teams at my uni cos I love playing sports but acne is a no no. I haven't really got changed in front of people since PE at school which was like 5/6 years ago. Now, I'm just dead scared of showing anyone my skin cos my back is just disgusting! The only times where acne hasn't bothered me when playing sp
  4. Hasn't anyone here had to do any groupwork at uni? Thats a perfect way of meeting new people and making friends. I've had to do lots of groupwork and 1 of the people I worked with in my group this time last year, is now a very good friend of mine. Tomorrow, I gotta do some more groupwork with people I don't know but are on my course. Gonna be meeting them outside the library and stuff. So, I'm kinda hoping that I can eventually make at least 1 friend out of the group of 6 people (including me)
  5. BSc Honours degree in Business Information Technology, with a Multimedia minor.
  6. A little off-topic but just bear with me. Recently, I've noticed a lot more students at my uni and in my building have acne. And I'm sure their the new 1st years. So I'm just thinking that maybe acne is a 'grown up' disease/condition?
  7. You know when I first started uni, I didn't think it would be too hard to make friends but boy was I wrong! Like people have been saying in previous posts, there are 'social circles' operating at colleges/universities. And here I was thinking that students at colleges/universities are grown ups! It shouldn't be too damn hard to make friends at college/university. If anything it should be easier to make friends at uni because technically, everyone should have both emotionally and physically 'ma
  8. Listen, I'm asian and I have lightish/yellowish skin which is pretty close to caucasian white skin colour. And I have acne so that means the asian theory is true and so is the light skin theory aswell. Comes to think of it in the UK, I've only ever seen asians get acne and their skin isn't even really brown its kinda yellow. My dad has darker skin then me though and he had oily skin but my mum has the same skin colour as me and shes never had oily skin in her life. So that probably explains why
  9. I thought people on here keep insisting that diet and lifestyle has nothing to do with acne?
  10. I have to admit that my face acne isn't as bad as the acne in that pic as recently its gotten better but it has looked like that in the past. You know what i don't get is IF britney spears really DOES have acne, then how does she cover it up so well? I mean even using lots of make up/concealer or even the best make up artists in the world are incapable of covering it up completely especially in the sunlight. Direct sunlight reveals EVERYTHING on your face even if you've got loads of make up
  11. My acne has really improved since I started to use BP gel and my antibiotics. I still have lots of redness though but I can handle that. Despite my acne improving, I'm feeling really low. Things aren't going well at uni both socially and academically. For some reason. my so called 'friends' I have at uni have been giving me the cold shoulder and avoiding me a lot recently. And I've got no idea why. And I aint exactly gonna go up to them and ask why are they giving me the cold shoulder am I? I'm