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  1. It's quite simple: God isn't what you think He is. He might not even exist. Think of God as a wager. Is he worth believing in if does or does not exist?
  2. I'm a pro, too...but I've started using my mouth. The more flexible you are, the better it feels.
  3. Smoking cigarettes, or any plant material for that matter ('dirties' the blood, lymph)Masturbating too often (hormonal mostly)Poor diet / Malnutrition / Eating disorders / Milk (except for kefir, some yogurts, clarified butter) / Hydrogenated crap / Lots of sweets (insulin spike, hormones)Stress (hormones, vitamin depletion)Poor digestionDid I say hormones?
  4. Try getting a better source of zinc. Nuts are a good source. I also save zinc by sucking my own dick.
  5. Probably lying to yourself, otherwise you wouldn't be talking about it. Sounds like you have low self-esteem; maybe an inferiority complex. Maybe that's just how you are...I don't know. Whatever the case, you can always try antidepressants. They'll take your mind off your skin and give you confidence. It's like being high all the time. Baby steps, though.
  6. High school--what a bad experience. Still haunts me in subtle ways. To the original poster: You might be the only girl with bad acne--and if you are, well, that's life. What you gonna do about it?
  7. Too much masturbating (3>week) definitely makes me break out. The resulting acne is cyst-like. It sucks. Probably doesn't help to swallow one's own semen either.
  8. Anybody prefer a slightly blurred vision because of acne? I never look in the mirror with my glasses on...
  9. Sometimes. But usually it is WORSE than what I think.