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  1. I got a tiny red spot on my cheek once--actually, to be quite literal, it looked like a tiny red dot--which grew darker in size and color, from a pink-red to a brownish-red, then to a dark burgundy color. I thought initially it was a zit because it was raised and a little sore, but when it didn't go away and began to change color, I asked my doctor about it. He said it was where a tiny blood vessel had grown to the skin's surface, and while it would probably never go away, it wasn't anything t
  2. Y'all will have to forgive me. I'm barely internet literate and have never been good figuring out these thread things (which means my question/curiosity might already have been addressed but I was unable to find it). I'm going to toss pride aside and be graphic--I apologize ahead of time. I'm in my 30s, and until recently never really had a problem with acne. I mostly had typical "teen acne," I guess you could say, and then occasional flare-ups throughout the years--usually menstrual related