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  1. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/306641-2-years-after-accutane-use/
  2. I honestly don't even remember how much I took. I think it was 2 6-month terms, first term was 40mg I think and second 60mg. My skin has been clear ever since, and I'm thankful for that. I haven't seen in a pimple or sign of acne since I was halfway through the 2nd term. Sadly though, I'm beginning to think that it's destroying my life. I've lost a lot of emotion... weird? I can't explain it. Stuff that should excite me doesn't. Last year my father got me seats behind homeplate at Fenway
  3. You won't be experiencing anything for the first week or so. I don't understand the whole 1 day, then 2 the next thing, but if your doctor told you to do that, then I'd assume it's fine. Explain that though, you're on 40mg... but I'm thrown off what you said.
  4. How oily? My skin got SLIGHTLY more moist after I was finished, but nothing to fret over.
  5. My skin was only slightly oily prior to taking it. Now it's... perfect. No layer of oil what so ever on my skin. And it's not dry either, it is right where it needs to be. I don't have use moisturizer, but I do just because I got used to it.
  6. My acne pretty much was nonexistent after about the 4th month and I just finished in the middle of July. Verdict: NO ACNE. I have not seen a pimple in a LONG time. I even get paranoid because when I shave sometimes I get a little bump or two here and there and assume it's a pimple. My skin is a lot smoother too (feels a lot smoother even before I had acne! Well actually I don't remember that). Using moisturizer daily with the accutane has been a daily morning thing now and I've just been wash
  7. Agh, I guess I'll have to. Can't really tell if it's getting worse from the 2 a day, but I pinch my arm and I hardly feel it. Ohhh god damnit.
  8. Done with first month, 20Mg Sotret 1 a day. Now I'm on 20Mg Mylan, 2 a day. But... it seems like my body is kind of numb, not severe but it's weird. I'm having no other side effects, I'm perfectly fine, and my skin isn't oily at all anymore. But does this mean I have to completely stop accutane? The numbness hasn't gotten worse since it started, I just woke up and was like "wtf?", but now I'm kind of used it... afgubagwiuba! I don't know.....
  9. On Sotret 20mg. I'm going to post every here and there just to update my progress. Just took my first pill with a tall glass of chocolate milk, Here's what I currently look like: http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f241/Cho.../1007081530.jpg Not REAL bad now, but it's been worse, getting a little bit on my neck. Hopefully gonna go away soon!
  10. Should I alter my diet? I'm going tomorrow to get the prescription and I just want to know if there's anything specific I eat/drink when I take the pill or something I should stop eating. Every morning I usually have a banana or apple and always eat a Snickers Marathon bar: [Nutrition facts]. There's the nutrition facts for them, I have like 70 of them. =P So my breakfast is a piece of fruit and one of those bars. My lunch is usually whatever my terrible school is selling, usually crap. Then my
  11. After reading some of the reviews about it on this site, I just went and threw out that large booklet that he gave me, but my mom took it out. She wants me to try it so I clear up, but I don't want to screw myself over. On top of the fact that I'm only 5'5 and I don't want to stunt my growth.
  12. I have mild acne, it comes, goes, and it's been driving me crazy, it's been worse then ever the past 2 years of having it. I'm 16, been on 2 anti-biotics, I'll clear up, then breakout again. So today my doctor recommended we try Accutain. I've read a LOT of the reviews on this website on Accutain. When my doctor started talking about it, I got pretty happy. As soon as I starting reading the reviews I got discouraged in about 50 seconds. I've never had any medical conditions and I play baseball
  13. oh, yeah. My bad. I was wondering my self why it sounded weird. I'll edit. Too busy watching the Red Sox game, not paying attention to what I'm typing! lol
  14. I'm going to the dermatologist tomorrow, I've been prescribed 2 different pills, 3 different topical creams over the past year and a half. My acne comes, fades, comes back, but my face is never clear at all. There's a 98% chance that he is going to give me some other bullsh** product tomorrow. Should I even bother picking up the prescription?
  15. ...now my skin is peeling a lot. I stopped using the topical I was using, ahhhhhhh I can't catch a break.
  16. It's just red and somewhat bumpy under my skin. Maybe they're comedones? Don't really know what that is. In a full description I just have a red mess on my forehead. They don't surface except for a few, but there isn't a head, just a little bump. The rest of it just looks like little red blotches under my skin that are level with the rest of my skin.
  17. Going to dermatologist again on thursday, hopefully he won't subscribe me some BS and kick me out the door like he usually does.
  18. My doctor has prescribed me on Mylan pills recently [1-2 months ago]. Over the last year I've been subscribed with Ziana, Evoclin, and Retina Micro. I've used pro-activ, that has made my acne worse in the past. Nothing has helped. I don't have bad acne, just a few pimples here and there on my cheeks, but on my forehead between the mid points of my eyebrows there's just red blotches under my skin. I don't have long hair, so I don't know why the hell it's there, it just won't go away. Even my d