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  1. Does this honestly work? so basically i will just scratch a scar until it looks all raw and new, and then leave it? or should i apply an antibiotic cream?
  2. Hmm. looks legit, i may try it. because it is the cheapest Silicon treatment i've seen out there.
  3. oh man i sure have some. but im not entirely sure on how to treat them.
  4. It's good to hear. This site is also a godsend for me. I have learned so much from it, and it has helped me so much, to say the least. Thank you Dan. And Thanks everyone.
  5. amazing results man. It looks like you have really no scaring on your back. Thats prolly because you had primarily inflamed zits and not cysts. I had cysts so I have more scaring. But awesome dude. Accutane sure is a miracle.
  6. You can by various AHA products from Alpha hydrox, I think their website is alphahydrox.com, if not just search it in google or seomthing and it will come up. Im not sure if they ship internationally put I think so. If not you can find various AHA products at any pharmacy or drug store.
  7. I would also Suggest Extra Virgin olive oil. Urine Therapy is something that I have not done. But i've heard so many good things about it. So you may want to consider that if EVOO doesn't work. You could also try an AHA cream or wash. Which is slightly like a chemical peel. Although in my experience a few months of 30% and 50% glycolic acid has pretty much cleared up all my facial redness, and most of the scaring. I combine this with and AHA wash and I get great results.
  8. Im Nick


    If you don't have oily skin already, Extra Virgin Olive Oil works great to reduce redness, I've never really had sucess from aspirin masks, but my skin did feel smoth after those. There are also other things that may reduce mild scars and redness like AHA or chemical peels.
  9. Good luck man, don't stress the side effects. Remember to drink Lots of water, like 3-4 liters a day. It will help speed up healing and the effectivness of accutane. It will also help keep your body hydrated to minimize those little side effects. It cleared me up 100% bro, not a pimple in 4 months, and I had severe acne. way worse then yours.
  10. exactly.. haha yeah, that was the only thing I didn't like about accutane, the bloodwork, but you get used to it. Anyways to let you guys know, im honestly 100% clear after accutane and haven't 1 pimple in 4 months since i've been off. and I started it with severe acne.
  11. Accutane will work wonders on you, It will clear you up when your done with it's course. Honestly, don't worry about the side effects. Everyone worries about the stupid side effects cause the read stories about someone getting some disease, and that happens with 1 and 10,000 that take it. Its like getting in a car, you may get in an accident... but if your smart, that odds aren't against you.. Same with accutane, as long as you drink LOTS of water, and keep your body and skin hydrated you wil
  12. okay, thanks for the advice. I wasn't real sure on it, because I've seen various durations.
  13. I have those on my shoulders too man. Don't stress it too much. Possibly try Green Cream or some sort of Silicon Sheet or Silicon Gel Thats what Im going to try, and If that doesn't work, I will probably just deal with it, or get them surgically removed, then heal them.