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  1. I sure hope so... i got this painful ass zit on the kinder under my lip.. man i hate this fucking thing... it's so fucking annoying.. i think it's from the chapstick or [email protected])(#@)(!# and this huge freaking cyst like thing in the middle of my forehead that's been there forever is driving me nuts too
  2. Day 70: wow.. it has been a while since i replied!! Well, it's been like a month+ into school.. it's real stressful and shit. My face hasn't been the greatest either. I got these bumps that aren't like cysts cause they don't get red or nothing, but i can feel them under the skin. I have two of them that have been around for 3-4 weeks now. They're real annoying lol.. I'm hoping this shit ends soon cause damn.. it's been some time and I want to be clear already... the dryness is kinda har
  3. Day 16-18: Can't believe it's almost be 20 days on this stuff. Time flies.. anyway.. Seems like I'm starting to breakout again. It's not too bad, I can deal with it. I'm happy that it's happening though (as crazy as that sounds). I want this shit to surface. I don't want nothing laying around under my skin.
  4. Day 15: Had a couple new whiteheads come up. No more cysts though thank god..
  5. Day 14: Nothing new to report really. Yesterday was tough though, I went to the gym and went to workout my chest and I had this sharp pain in my shoulder. I stopped doing any sort of pressing movement after that. Never felt a pain like this, I started to up my glucsoamine(sp?) intake hopefully that'll help with this. Otherwise wow I'm starting to look REALLY clear..
  6. Good luck man, I wish I had started this stuff sooner. Oh well better now then never..
  7. np man, atleast someone out there knows how I feel. I'm not trying to sound like a little baby or anything but good lord.. you don't need to point out the obvious.. no freakin duh.. i know this crap is on my face.. you don't need to remind me in front of 15 people nonetheless.. lol
  8. Day 13: Well nothing much to report.. no real new breakouts.. my mom brought over her "friends" from work. THey were all like wow you lost a lot of weight blah blah blah.. then my mom goes 'ya.. just those pimples are so gross' in front of like 10-15 people... Sometimes I Don't know how I tolerate her.. I guess she's too stupid to watch what comes out of her mouth sometimes..
  9. I started to breakout/get real dry skin/lips around day 3. I guess it has something to do with my dosage. But the doctor had to give me 80mg cause I'm a pretty big boy.
  10. I share a similiar story.. I was on everything and nothing worked. It came down to accutane. I hope this is the cure we're searching for..
  11. Day 12: Damn last night when I tried to fall asleep it was as if I just worked out my back incorrectly or something. Got these back pains that make me sleep on my sides. Can't lay down on my back. Must be the accutane... on a positive note though when I looked in the mirror today, the areas that don't have any breakouts but were once oily are now looking great. I can't imagine what it'll look like once all this crap is gone.
  12. Ya, it sucks taking a pill that you know is gonna make you feel like sh*t. But the end result is what keeps making me take it. I just started like you so hopefully we get some good results!
  13. Wow your progress is pretty amazing. I can only hope for such with my run of accutane..
  14. Well, I decided to start an accutane log.. Got nothing to lose right? might as well keep a daily log. Age: 20 years old Height/Weight: 6'1, 230 14% bf Acne since: 14 The Dosage: 80mg daily Day 11: Well, I'm 11 days in and 'the outbreak' is still comming through. Even had my own mom comment 'wow it's starting to look gross'.. lol.. whatever. Guess the way I see it everyone has to deal with some sh*t in life. Wonder how long it'll last for, though? School starts in a few weeks. Looking fowa