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  1. ok so im starting my treatment from my dermatologist on monday..... i will have pics up on monday as well for the before and after pics.....notice its pretty bad....its all the way up my back and on my chest and down my arms and covered my face and neck. accutane was an option but he said this might work so imma see. anyways im taking minocyclin X2 a day. Benziol peroxide 10% nite day Retin-A at night lift weights / run every day Duration is 3 months untill my next check up. I Have severe
  2. ACtually.........Accutane cn cause depression.......Depression and anxiety Come together a lot of times.....so try to get a treatment for depression instead of anxiety.........im workin on my medical degree and ive had a lot of anxiety attacks just to find out it was depression related when i got put in in-patient at the phyc ward
  3. ey was up man, havent seen u around lately.

  4. lol, Man If i ever get My Acne All the Way Clear......Im Never Gona be On this site again. HAHA Man, Hate to think Like that but i would Cut it out of my scheldule all together cuz there wouldnt be a point.....i cant wait for that day....hopefully its before i go to Special Forces Training And Have to shower With everyone and I have body Acne all over GAY!
  5. Could be Folculitis Ask Some one on here About that.......IF its Just like 1 or 2 spots it could be acne but if its like All over......its Folculitis, If its only on ur back. Im Not a dermatologist or nothing But from that Prescription thats what it sounds like..... it could be acne tho as well because THey Both Look the Same. Only a Derm can Tell the Differnece. Folculitis is a fungis Acne is a bacteria
  6. day 18 -- ok sorry im a lil Late with mine HAHA..... Skin Been healing up pretty good i also started Fish oil Pills And shit....but mostly Im Gettin Better. This morning I Woke up and my skin was Less oily and all that jizz you know.....my Forehead sweats like a mug still but i just been wiping it off u know blah blah blah.... Overal/ getting Better No Break outs 3 days --- i have Severe and usually i get new breakouts Every Morning
  7. we Did an expiriment On This Me and 5 other members If you wanna see The results you can read Thru the thread http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Masturbat...on-t210949.html Looks Like It's Working for most of the people. That session we were only aloud to Have sexual Intercourse "Masturbation" every Seventh Day. That Way Wet Dreams Would Not accour
  8. Alright alright HAHA..... i saw that You Have a REcovery Period from Accutane? I dont wanna Have to recover From any fuckin thing.....ill let my Derm Decide What He thinks The Best Thing for me to do is..... If he says accutane......imma take it.......Nothing can be worste Than Having To take Blood Pressure Medication that I didnt Need...i havnt Felt The Same Since. BTW, did you Know accutane makes ur brain Swell? 1/3 of the size because it Also Dries Up the Fluid inside ur Head. yeah just
  9. yo ur Skin is nothing! That is not even Some thing To Worry About Trust me.....That Can easily Be Cleared Up in 1-2 months lol Now if you have acne like mine......Ohh boy.......Ud kill your self Take a look at my gallery When you get a chance u'll probley feel better about yourself HAHA
  10. Ok, So I Wanna Know Which One You THink i should Try? I Went on a 1 week Trial Of Monicyclin Or what ever its called. No Results, Then again It was 1 week. Ok so Ive TRied Retin-A and BP....that didnt work.... I Have Very SEver Acne...... Will Antibiotics Work? or will i need Accutane? And which one works faster? i have it pretty severe...... on my back chest upper and lower arms and on my face and ass. Look at my gallery for an idea of the Severity
  11. ahh ok Sounds Good good. They Gona Give me what Ever Works Faster. Im a soldier And They Dont Wanna Have Theyr Men With any Health Abnormalities. so the Army is gona Pay Anything for my Medical Bills HAHA
  12. How easy is it to get a prescription of accutane? Look at my Gallery and tell me if you think thats bad enough to get a Prescription? cuz i really want Something that Can help me I Got break outs on my forearm's My Back shoulders Stomach and Chest and back and Ass. And Face and neck And Back of my neck and Behind my ears Lower Parts of my leg..... And its acne.....ive had it checked by a Doctor Fulculitus Was My first thought because of where it was located but nope its acne.
  13. Get checked For Low Blood Pressure. Or high Blood Pressure......Been A Issue with some one on here B4.
  14. Well From what i Know.......The Vitamin A Could be Causing The Body To Create Less Vitamin D. Because The Vitamin A Takes Over Most Of The Vitamin D's Functions. So that could Very Well Be a possibility
  15. Ok, coming in at number 1 1. "Dude You Have herpes On Ur Face" 2. "Dude What Happend To You" 3. "You Look Like (Object) hit you in the Face" 4. "Dat Music Be Bumpin like yo Face Man" ............i hate these and i hear em So Much