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  1. I think its scary.. but common sense tells me defrosting chicken in a stone plate doesn't cause any harm... but vegetables I think are another story, especially broccoli. So I guess people should atleast avoid plastic trays and avoid microwaving veggies.
  2. when i broke my week and a half cycle.. i had no choice, I was craving it too much, like two parts of my mind battling.. and I was getting stressed so I didn't want stress acne so I just gave up. But now i feel stronger and I'll at least do 2 weeks, but i'm really aiming for 2 months without even a boner. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  3. my most has been a week and a half. but was supposed to be 2 months.. I think dormant bumps started coming out when i tried this... which is a good thing. Also some tiny cluster of flesh colored bumps just above my skin seems to be completely gone away.. but after i did (8=D...V) well i think the bumps came back a little.. however they are not noticeable at all.. so its all good. I'm still going for that 2 month goal, im on day 4. Hope i don't crave sex like an addict like last time..
  4. is it an ice pick scar? what was there before the hole?
  5. This has been my experience with scrubs. The beads can get in the pore and create problems. Can baking soda get stuck under pores?
  6. I don't think urine is meant to be drinken. I'm not saying its unhealthy for you like dirt water or etc.. but if your body got rid of it, then its not meant to be taken back in... Simple philosophy.
  7. I think if I keep intercepting my body from cleansing when I wake up, I think it gets the message and I think I'll get used to it so that it doesn't affect me or my acne.
  8. Not picking will not help your skin. It will only keep it from becoming worse. Then again if things were set up in a way to get worse, it will get worse whether you stop picking or not. However, some time later, things will calm down and stay neutral if you choose not to pick. /
  9. I suppose using Radiation to destroy your sebaceous glands can get rid of them for good.
  10. Random Reminder: Mandelic Acid does not tighten pores, no topical will. Mandelic Acid will not slow down cloggage, no topical will. Mandelic Acid will not treat the problem, no topical will. However, it can help with maintanance. /