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  1. i've been reading the reviews on Minocyclin and most of them are bad. i'm sooo scared to take it, i don't want anything bad to happen to me. i have mild acne and i'm scared my face will become worse if i take it. what should i do? by the way, this is my regimen...i haven't started it yet. morning: -wash face with clean & clear continuous control wash (10% BP) -clindamycin -50 mg of minocyclin night: -differin + finacea (i have mild rosacea) -50 mg of minocyclin
  2. Info about my skin: -Very fair skinned -Combination & Sensitive - A lot of Pinkish marks on one cheek, and a few on the other. can someone help me? they bother me alot, and it looks like i have bad acne when i only have 3 pimples. thank you! also, i cannot go to the dermatologist because my mom does not have insurance right now.
  3. (This happened to my sister) A girl in her class was staring at her forehead, and then my sister said,"What?" and the girl said, "I'm playing connect the dots with your forehead." Luckily my sister doesn't care at all about her face(but she should), so this didn't bother her, but it would have bothered me.
  4. i'm 13, and have red marks from acne on my cheeks. there's not a lot, but i really want them to fade or go away. last year, i never had this problem. any quick ways? creams i can buy from the store? i've been using neosporin for 2 weeks, and it's making them lighter, but i still want to know if there are any good ways to lighten/get rid of them. thanks!
  5. i'm kind of scared...i read somewhere that the IB can start around Week 5 or 6. i did purge, but it was manageable. will i still purge? and thanks for the link, i read it.
  6. i also have some benzoyl peroxide called "Erythromycin". i heard that using Differin and BP together will make Differin more effective? What do you think?
  7. on April 16th, i was prescribed Differin 0.1 Cream(not the Gel) and i've been using it for 5 weeks exactly. should i keep using it? i have mild acne, blackheads on my nose and around my nose, and faint red marks. my skin has improved, but it's not perfect at all. by the way, i'm 13. should i keep going?
  8. Hi, I'm 13 years old and today I went to a dermatologist for the 1st time today. He prescribed me Differin 0.1 Cream, not the Gel, since my skin is sensitive. I asked him if I will break out worse at first, and he said no, probably not. Anyway, here are my questions: -How long will it take for me to see results? -Is the cream gentler than the gel? -How much should I apply? -Will it help mild blackheads on the nose? Thanks!
  9. i've had them for a while now and i'm still getting them. my cheeks scar very easily. what can i do about this? i'm 13 and they're concerning me a lot, will they stay on my face forever?how can i get rid of them?
  10. hey guys, thanks for your help! i found a good cleanser, the neutrogena bar for acne prone skin. i like it, it makesmy face feel clean ALL DAY! and my face doesn't get shiny! also, my face looks healthier.
  11. wow. i feel so bad for you! i thought neutrogena was good...i'm currently using the bar soap for acne-prone skin and i like it a lot...
  12. i used the dove beauty bar. sometimes it left a film on my face. ugh. can anyone recommend a mild medicated soap for acne? that's what it says to use for young, teenage skin.
  13. i know. i've asked my mom a lot, but she never has time to make an appointment... i've used clinique 3-step. it dried out my face a lot. and pears is good. but does it help with acne?
  14. yeah, i know i'm a little young but i need some advice. my skin is sensitive and it gets shiny on my forehead and nose. i have blackheads, marks from pimples, and a few pimples. i want something that's gentle yet effective...i actually like using soap because i just like simple things, but i don't know which one i should use. thanks!