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  1. OK, here I am again, as promised. The oiliness has returned ;/ Which is irritating, as I've already gotten used to nice, dry skin and hair. From time to time, a single pimple appears, as during the final months of my treatment. But that's not a problem for me now. I just hope it will stay this way. All of the side effects have subsided, except for bedtime back pains. But that's not a problem also. However, I still haven't made a post-treatment blood test. Going to do it in next few days, but I d
  2. @PhoenixBalm: It's always a good thing to know that somewhere, someone did something constructive after reading what I've written. Thank you for your feedback and appreciation; I wish you the best of luck ^^ MONTHS 6,7,8 & OVERALL OVERVIEW OK, so my third course is over. During the last three months there were no big breakouts, everything has been going quite smoothly, with one or two small whiteheads showing up from time to time. At the moment I'm pretty much clear, some minor stuff appea
  3. DAY 166, MONTH FIVE OVERVIEW OK, the big breakout from month ago cleared after about two weeks, now everything seems to be fine, the only things that appear now are small whiteheads on random areas of my face and even they come up rather rarely. As for side effects, I've got two really bad cracks on my lips recently, worse than ever. But I've neglected my lips lately (forgetting about chapstick etc), so that's likely the cause. Other than that, all the other side effects are still here, on norm
  4. DAY 130, MONTH FOUR OVERVIEW Everything has been going really well - constant improvement and clearing, 0-2 active pimples at a time, face looking really nice... and then hell broke loose, a few days ago. At the moment, I've got many rather small-sized papules and pustules on my lower cheeks and on my jawline. For fuck's sake, what is that supposed to be?! I haven't got a slightest idea why did this happen and I'm pretty fuckin' pissed ~~ Let's just hope this shit resolves quickly and doesn't h
  5. DAY 97, MONTH THREE OVERVIEW Well there definitely is an improvement, but things are going a little slower than I've expected. I still experience random breakouts of various severity. Nothing TOO bad, though, and overall, I AM clearing. Dosage for the five months that are left was set to 20mg/day. Side effects are still all the same PLUS I noticed my leg joints sometimes ache a little when I run or walk quickly PLUS I think I'm more vulnerable to cold and it's merely 0C now on an average day, I
  6. DAY 65, MONTH TWO OVERVIEW Just when I thought the worst phase was over, an invasion on my forehead started (around day 45), which was really nasty and has only begun to calm down in the last few days. Somewhere around day 50, I actually looked worse than before the treatment. On the other hand, cheeks are constantly getting smoother and smoother, though new pimples still appear on a regular basis (but nothing too bad there). Things are somewhat different than what I've experienced during the f
  7. DAY 34, MONTH ONE OVERVIEW First month of my third course has ended. The initial breakout lasted for about three weeks, from that point I saw some improvement, though new pimples still appear nearly every day. However, those breakouts are getting smaller and smaller all the time, slowly but on the right track. Blackheads on my nose and in the adjacent regions have nearly disappeared. Non-inflamed bumps on my forehead are slooowly disappearing. Many red spots are present, but with the overall fa
  8. DAY 14 OK, let's post an update. Ordinary side effects - very dry lips (chapstick few times a day is a must now), dry skin on cheeks and chin - moisturizer needed, but skin on forehead and nose still a bit oily. Initial breakout also kicked in - many non-inflamed bumps on my forehead and some inflamed ones on random areas of my face. As for now, I rate this breakout as average - bothers me a little, but not too badly. I hoped for something lighter, though. Back pain is also present when I go to
  9. Sure, I agree. Since a girl's attractiveness is based mostly on her looks and acne screws that up badly (well, I've known some girls that remained very hot despite having moderate acne, but that's a few cases in hundreds), the overall sum of damage done by acne is imo much higher for girls than for boys. However, what I've been trying to tell here (maybe I should've written this more clearly) is that the distribution of this damage is imo like 70%psy-30%looks for boys and like 35%psy-65%looks fo
  10. Hi there boys and girls. Guess what, I'm starting my third round of Accutane in a few days. After three years, nasty acne is back... this time I hope I'll kill it for good since the dosage will be higher than one used during the first two times. Also the acne is not THAT bad as it was four/three years later and now I'm 21 so the hormonal activity is somewhat smaller. Generally my derm was surprised to see me AGAIN and said that I'm like one in a 3000 ppl who need a third round; I srsly laughed a
  11. DAY 14 Everything's going as it was expected to go: dry lips, dry skin, back pain when i go to bed and initial worsening of acne (not bad, though) I also started the first year of university a few days ago. I'm studying computer science and I must say that the level of teaching isn't astonishing at the moment ~~ All of the things that were told on lectures, I already knew from high school. Most of my peers aren't also too skilled, some of them don't even know basic things from maths like how to
  12. DAY 1 OK, I've just taken my first pill of the Second Round ~~ This time the medicine's name is 'Izotek' - it's the Polish generic version of Accutane. It costs 2 times less than Roaccutane has half a year ago. My current acne consists of many blackheads, papules and pustules, concentrated mainly on my forehead, but some zits are located also on my cheeks and my jawline. I also got a few pimples on my back. I don't have any cysts or nodules. On the whole, the first round of 'Tane did major impr
  13. Welcome once again! My acne has returned, not as severe as year ago (at least for now), but still bad enough to start a second course of Accutane -_-' The derm said that I'm in the few percent of unlucky people who need more that one round... and so, I'm starting the course in two weeks... Once again, 120 days of treatment await me. I know the side effects, I know that I won't lose eyesight or have my liver destroyed or fall into depression or something. Just dry skin, dry lips, small back pain
  14. 1) been on accutane from october'04 to february'05 2) been 99% clear from february to june - paid 700$ for 5 months of freedom... so you CAN buy happiness and freedom after all ;p 3) july/august - acne comes back (not nearly as severe as year ago, for now at least, but still bad enough...) 4) "i'm very sorry but you are in the few percent of the out-of-luck people who need more than one course" ...starting second round of accutane in two weeks wanted to upgrade my computer, now I will be forced
  15. Yeah! I'm getting my acne back, I missed it so much! I'm starting a second round of Accutane in two weeks; I'm so happy! I love life! I've got an urge to murder a man