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  1. They have lightening creams like tri-luma out that are supposed to fade spots like that. I'd go and see a dermatologist. I have had a spot on my face for about a year now and it is fading very very slowly. What can you do?
  2. Most of what I see is mostly red marks, hardly any scarring. Those will fade. Use retin A or something if you want them to fade faster. I wouldn't do anything else to your face.
  3. Thanks for the info guys about fraxel and acne scar classification. For some reason, I thought fraxel re:store had been out longer. Fraxel re:pair seems too severe for me. I know I have scars, but I don't think I want to be knocked out just to treat them. The slower treatment method suits me. The nurse that had re:pair done didn't loose color. I would say that she was still red ~2 months later (at time of treatment #1). Second time I was there, she didn't have makeup on and I could see th
  4. The derm did ask if I wanted to do repair. I didn't feel comfortable with that because it hasn't been used enough yet. I usually wait until the technology has been used about 4 or 5 years before I use it. One nurse in the office had repair done and to me it looked like her skin quality & color changed quite a bit, probably due to the heat of the laser. Also, there were pretty obvious laser lines on her face. Of course this was about 2 months after the procedure. I see her every time
  5. The derm told me to expect 25 to 75% improvement - "if I can take his treatment". They numb me for an hour prior to treatment, but for the 60mj one they put more numbing cream on for another 5 minutes right before treatment. That made a huge difference. Treatment #2 hurt more than #3. He also said that he would recommend injectables on any of the scars left after treatment. When I go for treatment #4 in October, I'll ask him more about that. I'll also have to surf this forum to see if anyo
  6. I'll have to look for more before pics. I will mention to the derm that I heard coverage goes down at 70mj and see how many passes he plans on doing just to the scarred areas. Do you know what most derms do at that level??
  7. No, it hasn't taken away my skin color. Instead it has given me a slight reddness / tan. The derm has me on tri-luma and I am trying to faithfully use it every night. Usually the red / tan resolves in about 5 weeks and I have stopped using make-up at this point. It may take longer this time because he treated me at a higher setting (60mj). I am half white / half asian. I have changed the picture after the first treatment in the original post. Hopefully this one looks better.
  8. Why not try out some sort of injectable? It will even out your sunken areas without damaging any of the other surrounding tissue. You should go to a reputable dermatologist and see what he / she says. Good luck!
  9. Could you use a little make-up to make you feel better?? I wouldn't be able to make it without the stuff.
  10. Ask your derm. They have fading creams like tri-luma. They take 6 months to a year to work. Good luck!
  11. I am half asian / half white and when the derm tried to up my tca peel past the first level, I got discoloration - like a shadow on my face. Be very careful with that stuff.
  12. I figured I would also include a picture of my face in natural lighting. This is as good as it gets for me. I wish it would look like this in bad lighting.
  13. Both pictures were taken in the exact same location in my home. If lightening is different, it is because of things I can't control. It is so hard to get the exact same conditions (head angle, etc.) every time. I can see some smoothing out of my skin. It hasn't been anything dramatic, but I can see something. I have also been wondering if the healing time after the 70mj treatment is going to be a LOT longer than the 60mj. Anyone??
  14. Personally, I think you look fine. Your scarring is NOT bad at all. Wait for your breakouts to resolve and use retin-A and you should be fine in my opinion.
  15. Here are before and after pics I took of my scars after fraxel treatment in the worst possible lighting possible. I have been doing fraxel re:store every 6 weeks as recommended by my derm. He wants to treat just the scarred areas at 70mj for my #4 and final #5 treatments. What do you guys think? Is there any improvement so far or am I just wasting my money?? Also, does any one know what kind of scars I have on my face? Fraxel treatment: #1 50mj, 4 passes, TL 6 + 30mj, 4 passes, TL 6