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  1. I've been using the Dan's SA for about 1 week now. I absolutely love it! Probably the best i've used so far! I'll give another update in about a month or so!
  2. That sucks anything made my neutrogena didn't work for you. There stuff works for me and I've had clear skin.
  3. Yeah I agree with Dearskin. You look like Rock Lee from naruto! haha
  4. How about an update on the SPF moisturizer? hehe
  5. Well I don't have that much acne and i've been using BP only once a night. Maybe once Dan's SA 2% comes out i should start using that in replace of BP?
  6. Anyone here use only dan's cleanser and moisturizer? I'm going to try to stop using BP
  7. Or you can do a quick face wash with a cleanser and light moisturizer before tennis. After tennis go home take a shower, wash your face, add bp, then moisturize
  8. Well, i like to use my BP at night because i don't want to ruin my clothes. It seems to be working fine for me.
  9. I only use one pump. My face and skin isn't bad or anything. I also only use one pump at night. Nothing during the day.
  10. That sucks BP doesn't work for you! But the cancer thing and all that other stuff is just plain stupid. LOL.