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  1. Ive been on accutane at 30mg a day for 7 weeks now and i still have millions of blackheads, theyve shrunk a bit, but theyre stil very much there. so much for purging?!?! anybody have same experience on accutane?
  2. im goin on roaccutane in about 3 weeks, im fully aware of the dryness side efects howeva my skin afta years of topicals is already dry nd flaky nd has a hard time keepin in moisture even though it gets very oily at times. Will th accutane eventualy resolve this? Second question is, i have a very congested face, jst full of blocked poors nd blackheads. This makes my face appear red al of th time, how quikly is the accutane likely 2 unplug everythin nd shrink these fat gaping holes 4 pores? Anoth
  3. hey, little off subject but was just wonderin since ur from the uk too, how long did it take you, from your first derm apointment to get accutane. i had my first blood test last week, nd im waitin on them to get back to me so they can actualy giv me the stuff. im so fkin impatient lol. jst want this stuf noooow
  4. u have to be referred from ur gp to a dermatologist which takes at least 6 weeks. They are very strict and you have to have tried at least 2 different types of antibiotics before they consider anythin.
  5. how about not takin nefin???? find the cause of the anxiety and conquer it. pills are just guna be temporary and in no way a fix.
  6. Your acne is eeeexactly the same as mine! i havnt seen anybody ever with acne similar to mine! i have a red face but only really get whiteheads and my skin texture is bad cuz all the pores are full of blackheads or just huuge. i got blood tests on friday, then i gota wait for my derm to get back to me to actualy go on accutane, i cant wait!! good luck btw
  7. This stuff is absolutely cack, proper balls. first couple of months usin it i broke out like f*ck, like 15 pussy whiteheads a day, i went on to use it for 4 and a half months thinkin it would work eventualy. did it? no. coverd my face in blackheads and just ruined my confidence. so i decided against my gps will to giv it up (also played my stomach up towards the end). now skin looks better and runnin everyday for almost 3 weeks has meant i get virtualy no bad spots, but goin on accutane in the n
  8. I've used quite a few topicals over the past 4 years, all with little or no success, and each one at some point making my acne worse. I dont seem to get on with gels or topicals that are liquid base because they dry my skin out unbelievably. Could anybody recommend a topical cream of some sort? I've used benzoyl peroxide, eythromycin, isotretinoin, and dalacin (i think- was years ago).
  9. hey thanks 4 the reply. my doc told me 2 keep takin them. aparently th first 3 months can work wonders 4 sum nd do nufin 4 others bt within 3 to 6 months people see "significant" results so im guna keep takin them. also iv been told 2 stop al topicals cz theyr jst 2 harsh on my skin. i hope this info helps others
  10. i have been on lymecycline for 3 months nd 3 weeks, all theyve done is give me more worse acne, ive also been usin topical isotretinoin for 6 weeks and all thts done is make me greasy nd sore. ive got a derm apointment at the end of january in which i wil probly be given acutane. i dnt kno wether to keep takin antibiotics in the meantime, jst incase it needs more time to work. im guna go see my doc tomoro, bt wat do u fink?
  11. Ive been using isotrex and topical isotretinoin for about 10 days now and after the first couple of days my skins been gettin really oily, is this normal? ever happend to anybody else?
  12. ive been on oral antibiotics for jst under 9 weeks now, is using this in conjuction more likely to see fast results? ive heard of initial breakouts but was thinking since most of the underlying acne will be cleared from the antibiotics that chances are i wont get one?
  13. Just been prescribed Topical Isotretinoin and would like to know what it is, what it does etc. i have no clue about it. what can i expect from it?
  14. i kno it sounds wierd but i think it depends on the severity of the persons acne, because i have found in most of the reviews for tetracyclines that for people with mild acne, it had an immediate affect BUT wore off very quickly nd ceased to work. my acne is moderate, but not sever, and i have read a few times that people in the same circumstances had breakouts to begin with, quite a long time period before anything worked, then great long lasting results, but im not a doctor and thers been no m