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  1. Honey smoothed my skin and bleached it among with other things. First I made a sugar and honey and a lemon mask. You put in honey, sugar, and a drop or two of lemon juice. you mix it together and the sugar gets off the dead skin cells and the honey bleaches. It does not help if your acne is out of control. This mask is just an exfoliant.
  2. So, I've been battling with blackheads since last summer, I tried a number of regimens including clean and clear, proactiv. But for the last 2 months I have been using a skin care called Dr. Earls. I live in chicago and you can find this stuff in almost any walgreens. Dr. Earls is very similar to Dan's regimen, only except for the BP after every wash, the cleanser was BP and something else I'm not sure of. I was very doubting of this cleanser because it doesn't make your face feel squeaky cle
  3. Okay, I have blackheads primarily to the lower right side of my face and I seem to get rid of them and they come back. Um there's about 10 of them. But they're just so fustrating. I use clean and clear the blue bottle. I also use to the 5% bp from neutrogena. and my moisturizer is this other from the body shop. I also use Hydroquinone on my face for the fading of scars.
  4. those silly people before me. yes those 2 dark spots are black heads.
  5. what's the best remedy? especially for blackheads. should i use this stuff called nadiola? what would you suggest
  6. wow. Not, long. I would love to use this.
  7. No, but I guess I will try. i'm in love with sugar.
  8. I think it's a whitehead but they're little and read so I don't know.
  9. well, my face got extremely clear off of saint ives apricot scrub.
  10. Hey dear. I'm Lala and let me tell you that getting rid of blackheads will be a CINCH! first off go to target or wal-mart and buy this stuff called st. ives apricot scrub blackhead or the normal kind. use this everyday. You will see results in blachead and cystic acne immediately and once a week do what this says. Honey Face Scrub; In a small bowl pour some honey in there with the sugar, normal kind. Mix well, so that you can feel the sugar in the honey. Then add a few drips of lemon for bleac